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A Parent's Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Food Makers

What's the best baby food maker for your little one? Check out the features and functions of these 15 top baby food makers!
Best Baby Food Maker
Updated: August 15, 2023
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Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

When you’re preparing for the arrival of a new baby, it’s smart to start shopping for the essential baby products you’ll need immediately. This includes a crib, car seat, and stroller. However, it’s an excellent idea to think ahead and add a few items to your baby registry that you’ll need down the road!

Your baby starts out on milk, either breastmilk or formula, so baby bottles and a pump are good to put on the registry. But before you know it, your little one will be ready to try solid foods. If your goal in switching to solids is to forgo the expensive jars and make homemade baby food recipes, you’ll want to research baby food makers. Do this far enough in advance so that you’re ready when it’s finally time for your baby to try solid foods.

We’ve compiled this guide to the best homemade baby food makers to help you decide which is best for your specific needs.

Our Top 15 Baby Food Makers

  1. Best Overall Baby Food Maker: Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker
  2. Best Affordable Baby Food Maker: NutriBullet Baby Complete Food-Making System
  3. Best Affordable Runner-Up Baby Food Maker: Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker
  4. Best Glass Baby Food Maker: Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker
  5. Best Portable Baby Food Maker: Oxo Tot Food Masher
  6. Best To Make Pouches: Infantino Squeeze Station
  7. Best All-in-One Baby Food Maker: Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker 6-in-1
  8. Best Compact Baby Food Maker: QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker
  9. Best Mill Baby Food Maker: Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill
  10. Best Self-Cleaning Baby Food Maker: EVLA Baby Food Maker
  11. Best Baby Food Prep System: Nuby Mighty Blender 22-Piece Baby Food Maker Set
  12. Best Baby Food Maker Blender: Nuk Smoothie and Baby Food Maker
  13. Best Multi-Use Baby Food Blender: Ninja QB1004 Blender/Food Processor
  14. Best Luxury Baby Food Maker: BEABA Babycook Neo
  15. Best Versatile Steamer: Sage Spoonfuls Steam Basket

Do I Need a Baby Food Maker?

Do I Need a Baby Food Maker

Before getting a baby food maker, many new parents wonder if they can simply use their blender to make baby food. A blender or food processor may get the job done for making homemade baby food, but if you are looking for something with more features, a baby food maker is worth it. Many are designed with a multifunctional system to streamline the process of making homemade baby food. This makes it easier for parents who are already busy and tired.

Food Processors vs Blenders vs Baby Food Makers

For example, all-in-one models steam, blend, and defrost. They perform functions that could otherwise only be replicated by multiple appliances. All-in-one models are incredibly helpful for making baby food and are much more convenient than a blender.

Machines specifically designed for baby food prep offer more features, such as thawing, freezing, and canning. Some machines are also designed to be quieter and easier to clean.

If your kitchen is low on counter space, compact options may be higher up on your list. However, with limited space, a gadget may get in the way. Therefore, you may benefit from using appliances like food processors or blenders you already have on hand.

Portable Baby Food Makers

There are also portable options, such as a mill or masher. Other types of baby food makers come with a bottle warmer, sterilizer, or tool to transfer purees to a pouch. If you’re looking for a multifunctional gadget that performs several jobs, you’ll appreciate a baby food maker. However, if you’re just looking for an appliance to puree food, you can probably get away with using a blender. It’s also important to consider how you will approach solids.

What To Consider When Choosing a Baby Food Maker

What to Consider When Choosing a Baby Food Maker

Ease of use

No parent wants to buy another gadget that clutters their countertop and doesn’t make their life easier. Instead, look for a baby food maker that is quick to clean and simple to operate. Dishwasher-safe parts are convenient – that’s a make-or-break deal for some parents.


Because baby food makers are available in every price range from $20 to $200, it’s essential to decide what features you need and what you’re willing to pay to make your life easier. However, the cost is not necessarily an indicator of performance or quality.

Some options cost more because they have additional features you may not want. But if you plan to use your baby food maker every day, investing in an efficient and easy-to-use option might be beneficial.


Do you need a compact option that fits on your countertop but will require making multiple batches of baby puree? Or are you hoping for a large-capacity baby food maker that prepares bigger batches?

Baby’s Age

If your little one hasn’t been born yet, you may want to consider a baby food maker with a baby bottle warmer. When starting your baby on solid food, it’s also essential to feed them a smooth, fine puree without chunks, so look for a powerful baby food maker.

Benefits of Using a Baby Food Maker

Save Money on Buying Baby Food

Buying a baby food maker requires money upfront. However, it will save you money when you don’t need to buy pre-packaged baby food purees. Baby food is expensive, and that’s not even considering organic or natural products.

Health of Homemade Baby Food

There’s no way to know every ingredient in a jar of store-bought baby food. By making baby food at home, you get to control exactly what goes into your little one’s body.

Control Food Portions

Jars or packages of baby food come in one size, even though babies may need different amounts. With homemade baby food, you can ensure your baby gets the ideal portion every time.

Easier for Travel

Some baby food makers do what other cooking appliances can’t, whether that’s a combination of actions, or portability to be taken to a restaurant where you can quietly mash food at the table to share with your little one.

How We Chose Our Best Baby Food Makers

We consulted with experts and parents to narrow down the very best baby food makers. We also tapped into these experts' advice to find which brands were readily available on Amazon, as well as looking at customers’ reviews.

How Did We Choose Our Favorite

Beaba Babycook Solo 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker

Price: $159.95, Amazon

According to the brand, this is the very first and best-selling baby food maker in the world! It allows you to choose from four stages to create chunky or smooth purees. Plus, all parts are BPA-free and without phthalates and lead.

Review: “I did a lot of research into baby food makers and decided to go with the Beaba Babycook Solo. I wanted one that would steam, blend, defrost, and reheat plus be easy to clean. I’ve been using this for a week straight now and I absolutely love it!”

NutriBullet Baby Complete Food-Making System

Price: $79.99, Kohl’s

Included in the baby food-making system are a 32-ounce batch bowl and lid, a 12-ounce short cup with handles and re-sealable lid, six storage cups with date ring lids and storage tray, and a silicone freezer tray with lid for ample baby food storage. The system is also dishwasher-safe.

Review: “This product is well made and blend better than mine. I use it to blend my breast milk into other products. It work well with frozen milk as well. Easy to clean and dry with excellent use. Great portions size.”

Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker

Price: $49.99, Target

This affordable 2-in-1 system comes with a portable baby food processor and immersion blender to create purees for all ages. Plus, the stainless steel blades are dishwasher-safe. It’s also made with food-safe plastic that is free of BPA, phthalate, lead, and PVC.

Review: “I've tried several baby food makers and this one is the best there is. I like that it has the functionality of being a hand blender AND a regular blender. It's nice and quiet and super easy to clean up. I'm a single mom working two jobs and only feed commercial baby food when in a pinch.”

Baby Food 1

Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Baby Food Maker

Price: $129.99, Amazon

This baby food maker has a four-cup capacity and is one of the only options with a glass bowl. It steams and automatically blends food in just one step. Cleaning is also convenient with its removable water tank.

Review: “I love this machine! You can make so many baby food recipes and it also comes with a little recipe book already. It’s easy to use and easy to clean as well. You can set it to steam&blend and let it do its thing while you do something else. Very convenient and haven’t had an issue with it at all. If you’re thinking about it, this is your sign to get it!”

Oxo Tot Food Masher

Price: $11.99, Target

For on-the-go, opt for this food masher that fits together inside the lidded bowl for convenient carrying. There aren’t any complicated parts to clean, and it features ridges that work together to scrape every last bit of food out of the bowl.

Review: “This us a convenient little gadget. It stores away easy so you can throw it in your diaper bag. It’s really nice to bring to dinner so your baby can eat what you eat.”

Infantino Squeeze Station

Price: $33.49, Walmart

Bring smoothies, purees, and other homemade snacks anywhere you go, thanks to this simple pouch filling station. It comes with three filling tubes and 10 squeeze pouches.

Review: “Love this product! Easy to use, clean and store. Love that the pouches are freezer safe so you can make bulk amounts of food. Is a bit time consuming but that's expected when making homemade food.”

Baby Food 2

Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker 6-in-1

Price: $179.99, Walmart

Choose the correct button for any function you need, including reheat, defrost, steam, blend, sterilize, and warm bottles. As a bonus, the nine-cup capacity allows you to prepare 25 portions of food at once.

Review: “Literally in love with this machine, it steams everything I need steamed for my child carrots, butternut squash green beans you name it and I defrost some fruits in there and put it in the blender as a smoothie for her too. Seriously a great product and a must for any parent if you want amazing food for your kids! And it's seriously so simple to use! I even steam my eggs in it and it comes out perfectly cooked every time!”

QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

Price: $69.99, Amazon

Don’t worry about frightening your baby with the blending noise or waking them up from a nap, because this baby food maker is designed to be quieter than other options. The food is also evenly heated to preserve food nutrition. Plus, the compact design is ideal for small kitchens or convenient storage.

Review: “Handy to be able to steam and blend all in a very compact machine. We do not make large batches to store and freeze so the size of the container, which some reviews have labeled a con is not one for us. Our freezer space allocated for the baby versus family is needed more for breast milk at this point. Also making food fresh gives us the opportunity to introduce foods which we are eating during a two to three day period, and not making too much if it’s not a fan favorite. I rate it as a most have along with the Brezza sterilizer.”

Green Sprouts Fresh Baby Food Mill

Price: $15.93, Amazon

No batteries or electricity are required to make homemade baby food with this mill design. This portable food grinder separates seeds and skins from the puree and features a built-in serving bowl ideal for traveling.

Review: “I had a food mill years ago when my son was born. I was so happy to find this. Makes a great shower gift. My son never had purchased baby food. He ate what I ate and because of that, he has a very diversified diet as an adult. And saved a lot of money!!”

Baby Food 3

EVLA’s Baby Food Maker

Price: $156.35, Walmart

If cleaning all the parts of appliances is your least favorite task, consider this self-cleaning baby food maker. It’s also designed with a unique steaming cycle to lock in the nutrients, flavors, and vitamins from the delicious homemade baby food.

Review: “You guys I’ve had this baby food maker for two years now and it still works great! I’ve had no issues whatsoever and I use it almost every day for my two-year-old. I started making her baby food purées and steaming veggies, and now I make her smoothies with it too. I love that I can still use it as she’s growing. It’s definitely a staple in our kitchen.”

Nuby Mighty Blender 22-Piece Baby Food Maker Set

Price: $69.99, Amazon

Receive everything you need to make, store, and feed your baby homemade food with this 22-piece kit. This baby food blender features several adjustment stages to create smooth or chunky textures ideal for every weaning stage.

Review: “This product is AMAZING! So easy to clean, and keep up with and I love that it comes with the little blending cup so I could make my daughter's food every day rather than in bulk. … On the go, I love taking it with me on trips with some fresh fruit and blending them up as I need instead of trying to keep frozen prepared food cold.”

Nuk Smoothie and Baby Food Maker

Price: $52.99, Amazon

Not only can you create smooth purees to feed a baby with this baby food maker, but it also comes with a smoothie sippy cup to ensure your toddler gets all the nutrients they need. Also included are six stackable cups for storage.

Review: “This is just what I needed to make fresh food for my baby. It has really cute containers to store food. Quality is great, it mixes really fast and good.”

Ninja QB1004 Blender/Food Processor

Price: $79.99, Kohl’s

Ninja offers a wide variety of blenders, choppers and food processors, but their QB1004 is sized smaller, making it perfect for prepping chopped veggies or purees. With more than 650 reviews on the Kohl’s website and an overall customer rating of 4.7, owners of this gadget enjoy the moderate price point and effectiveness of chopping. And as your baby grows, you can keep it and continue using it to make single smoothies for everyone in the family.

Review: “Great to make baby food and soups too! I use it for everything!!!! Highly recommend!”

BEABA Babycook Neo

Price: $159.99, Target

Beaba Baby Cook Neo is stylish, functional and comes in a variety of neutral tones. This device can steam, puree, and even cook fish from raw for your little one to have a varied journey. It also has features to make parents’ lives easier, like a one handed cooking option. It’s at a higher price point, but got a five star rating on Target’s website.

Review: “This is my 2nd babycook and I love it so much. It makes making baby purée foods fun and fast! I love batch cooking for the week and this has made it very convenient! It’s a perfect baby shower gift too!”

Sage Spoonfuls Steam Basket

Price: $19.99, Sage Spoonfuls

This steamer basket is a great way to keep nutrients in solid foods like veggies, while making them easy for your baby to chew and bite. It’s a simple eco-friendly stainless steel basket that fits in a variety of pans with a width of 8 inches or larger. Simply fill the pan with water at the bottom and set this basket in, and the steam will cook whatever food you put in it.

The baby food maker is at a reasonable price point and will be something to keep in the cabinet even as your child gets older, since steamed veggies are healthy for people of all ages. Sage Spoonfuls also makes a bundle with this basket, jars and a baby food for $109.

Baby Feeding Methods

Thinking of feeding your baby real food may bring to mind pureed carrots and peas in a jar, delivered to your child’s mouth with an airplane (spoon). But researchers have found other ways to introduce first foods that may be easier, more mindful, and more effective. Jars that store homemade baby food are handy, but baby food makers may not be needed as much for methods like baby-led weaning.

Baby-led weaning incorporates a mix of textures into your baby’s food. Some foods are given whole for your baby to nibble, and others are chopped into baby bite sizes. Parents may wish to start with softer foods they can break up into tiny pieces, like smashed peas or apple sauce. But in a short time, pieces can get bigger and a mushy texture won’t be necessary.

But it’s also important to go slow with baby-led weaning. Remember that your baby’s throat is small and needs food to be either very tiny or very large to prevent choking.

Your pediatrician can answer questions about switching your little one to solid foods, and what role a baby food maker can play in that process.

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