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They're a normal part of child development, but wow, can they drain the life out of you! Survive toddler tantrums with these tips and tricks.

6 Strategies to Help Prevent Meltdowns and Tantrums

This past week I took my two-year-old to Dunkin Donuts for his favorite treat, a chocolate frosted donut. We had spent the morning at the library with my sister-in-law and her son (who is also 2). Since they played nicely, we decided to reward them. Little did I know I was in for an epic meltdown. read more

Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Handling Public Tantrums

Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Handling Public Tantrums Parents of two- and three-year-olds find themselves most uncomfortable and embarrassed when their children have tantrums in public: in the grocery store, in the park, or—and this is the worst—in the (until then) silent sanctuary of the public library. Yet there's really no reason why it should be so embarrassing that your toddler is behaving like a two-year-old. Virtually every toddler has tantrums. read more

Child Throws Tantrums When Disciplined

Disciplining a child while he is throwing a tantrum and/or hitting and screaming is impossible. read more

Discipline Strategies: 5 Simple Steps to Stop Meltdowns in Public

Got drama? Welcome to the club. Sometimes it feels like every time you hit the grocery store or grandma's house, your kids take it as a cue to unleash their inner beast. To keep tantrums and bad behavior in check, you need two things: patience and discipline strategies to call upon at a moment's notice. read more

Disciplining a Two-Year-Old

Is tantrum-like behavior in a toddler normal, or is it a sign of trouble? read more

Five-Year-Old Throwing Tantrums

An expert evaluates the possible reasons for a five-year-old's temper tantrums in public places. read more

Helping Your Child Express Anger Appropriately

Helping Your Child Express Anger Appropriately Part of the reason two-year-olds have tantrums is because they don't have the words or other tools they need to express their anger or frustration fully or appropriately. For this, your toddler needs your help. Thus the most important rule in handling tantrums is this: Ignore the behavior, but don't ignore your child. read more

How to Discipline Your Toddler Anywhere: 10 Simple Ways to Handle Your Child's Tantrum

It's inevitable - you have a cart full of groceries, winding your way through the aisles of the store, when your sweet, gentle toddler decides to throw a raging tantrum. Knowing how to discipline your toddler in public can be tricky, especially if you get embarrassed easily. read more

Interrupt Rule

Interrupt RuleDirections I wish I had come across this idea when my children were younger. Although they've always been polite interrupters, even "Excuse me, Mommy" repeated twenty times can be annoying. Worse still is the adult who breaks off midsentence to turn full attention to the interrupting child. read more

Tackling Tantrums, Biting, Hair Pulling, and More

Tackling Tantrums, Biting, Hair Pulling, and More Perhaps the biggest trouble that little ones cause their parents is when they throw temper tantrums, and engage in hitting, biting, hair pulling, and other violent acts. It's a Good Idea! Kids are basically reasonable, and once you understand them, you can usually reason with them. It's a Good Idea! Sometimes you have to operate on “toddler time.” If you slow your pace, your child will become more serene. read more

Taming Toddler Tantrums

Taming Toddler Tantrums Toddlers have tantrums primarily due to frustration and anger. Your toddler is probably very demanding and ambitious. Yet at the same time, she probably has a very low threshold for frustration. This volatile combination often leads to tantrums. When your child cannot do what she wants, or when you deny her something in what she considers a battle of wills, she naturally gets frustrated. read more

Temper Tantrums

Read tips from our expert on how to handle temper tantrums in an eight-month-old. read more

Three-Year-Old Cries All the Time

Three-year-olds aren't able use words at all times when they are angry, frustrated, or frightened. read more

Three-Year-Old's Temper Tantrums

Are rage episodes "normal" behavior for a three-year-old? What causes them, and what can be done? read more

Time-Outs for Tantrums

Time-Outs for TantrumsTime-out has been a common form of discipline among parents with young and school-age kids for a long time. However, there is plenty of confusion about when and how to use it most effectively. Part of the problem is in failing to adapt this occasionally useful technique to the age of the child. Punishment, such as time-out, always has the potential to increase fear, especially in younger kids, and it saps parents' energy. Rewards, on the other hand, are usually pleasant and create energy. read more

Tired Tantrums

Letting your child rest or even sleep for a short period of time, maybe only 30-45 minutes, may be just enough so that she does not act overtired. read more

Twelve-Year-Old Throws Tantrum

When a child throws a violent tantrum, it's time to have a heart-to-heart. read more