The Weirdest Symptoms of Pregnancy That Nobody Tells You About

Updated: June 26, 2019
Are you TTC or already pregnant? Read on to learn about some of the weirder symptoms of pregnancy often remain unspoken.
Pregnant Woman Sitting on Couch
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When you're pregnant, you might start feeling like your body has been taken over and held hostage for nine months. Although there's plenty of talk on the street about food cravings and fatigue, some of the weirder symptoms of pregnancy often remain unspoken and can leave you feeling confused and bewildered. Let's shed some light on these common, yet strange, pregnancy symptoms.

You've Had an Unusual Visit From Aunt Flow

So, it's right around the time when you should expect your monthly period, but instead of your usual flow, you experience very light bleeding that seems to leave as quickly as it arrives. This could indicate implantation bleeding, which occurs in some women as the fertilized egg nestles in and secures itself to the uterine lining. Unlike the bleeding during your period, implantation bleeding has the consistency of discharge and tends to appear brown, tan, or pink.

Hands-Off the Ta-Tas

Although your breasts might normally feel a little sore from time to time, breasts can become particularly tender during pregnancy due to changes in your hormone levels. Starting in the first couple weeks of your pregnancy, breast soreness might just have you guarding your chest like a shield when friends and family come up to you for a hug.

Did Someone Turn Up the Thermostat?

When you become pregnant, your internal body temperature will rise slightly. Even though it isn't a drastic change, this temperature difference could feel uncomfortable if you're the sensitive type. This might mean that while everyone else in the house seems to feel just right, you might need to keep a bottle of ice water nearby or enlist the help of a fan.

Oh the Dreams We Dream

Have your dreams felt strangely surreal lately? Pregnancy can sometimes produce unbelievably vivid dreams or nightmares. With an increase in the production of hormones, your brain has to work overtime to process all the heightened emotions and feelings you might be having. This could cause you to experience more vivid and more frequent dreams than normal.

You're Seeing Spots

If you're having to use a little more concealer than usual, you might have melasma, or pregnancy mask. This hyperpigmentation of the skin occurs in some women during pregnancy and resembles light brown or tan patches on the face. Don't worry if this happens to you - melasma typically disappears after you give birth.

Do these symptoms of pregnancy leave you thinking that you might have a bun in the oven? Go ahead and start working on revamping your pregnancy diet.