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How to Play CharadesHere are all the instructions for how to play Charades, the classic game of acting, drama and guessing.

Three-Legged RaceThis guide provides all the instructions needed for a great three-legged outdoor race.

Building an Indoor Obstacle Course for KidsThis activity describes a great way to build an indoor obstacle course, which can keep children occupied for hours.

Match GamePlay your own at-home version of the hit television game show "Match Game."

Top 10 Family Weekend ActivitiesDo you have trouble finding something to do that the whole family can enjoy? Don't worry! These activities make perfect family outings for those weekends when you and the kids need to get out of the house. In good weather or bad, you're bound to find something to satisfy everybody.

Water GamesLearn different water games you can play in the pool with friends and family.

5 Best Backyard Water Games for All AgesHelp the kids stay cool on a hot summer day. You can play these fun water games in your own backyard.

Dress-Up RelayThis funny relay race game is great for families. See which team can put on all the clothing the fastest.

Homemade Play DoughWhy buy Play Dough in a store when you and your child can make your own?

Quick on the DrawLearn how to play Quick on the Draw, a version of Charades that's lots of fun.

What's Missing? Memory GameTest your preschool child's memory skills. Can she tell what's missing in this fun game?

Nature HuntThis nature scavenger hunt challenges your kids to find all of the things on the list.

Bug HuntingThis nature activity teaches children how to search, capture, and care for bugs.

Build a TerrariumThis nature activity teaches children how to build and maintain a terrarium.

Build Your Own Stonehenge ActivityIn this outdoor activity, you'll find out how to build a backyard Stonehenge!

CroquetCroquet is a familiar and fun outdoor game for everyone. Here are the official rules.

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