About FamilyEducation's Authors

Dr. Stephanie Burgos

Emergency Medicine Physician

As one of the nation’s acclaimed Emergency Medicine Physicians, Dr. Stephanie Burgos is also a best-selling author, lifestyle and confidence coach, wellness expert, speaker, and social influencer.

Stephanie Sokol

Journalist, Editor and Freelance Writer

Stephanie Sokol is a writer and editor from the Chicago area. She has a background in news and marketing and has been writing for more than a decade.

Tamyra Hyatt

Award-Winning Healthcare and Technology Writer

Tamyra Hyatt is an award-winning writer with over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology, marketing, and network security industries.

Vaijayanti Mohapatra

Parenting Writer

Vaijayanti Mohapatra is a mom and freelance writer based in Dublin, California. An engineering graduate from India, she likes baking and reading fiction during her free time.