11 Sentimental Baby Gift Ideas Inspired By Family History and Traditions

Updated: July 1, 2020
Looking for a sentimental and personalized baby gift? Look to the family history, traditions, and culture of the parents to be for gifts that will leave a lasting impression.
11 Sentimental Baby Gift Ideas Inspired By Family History and Traditions

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Looking to give something a little more personal than a blanket or book off the registry for an upcoming baby shower gift? Turn to the family history, heritage, and traditions of the parents to be for unique and personalized baby gift ideas they’ll treasure. 

While many parents may register for items that need to be handed down or upgraded as their little one grows old, these traditional and family-inspired gifts will be held onto by the family for years to come and may become family heirlooms.

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Name Stories Print


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Especially if the baby’s name has a unique family connection, this customizable name origin print is a great way to showcase the history of where it originated, how and why it has withstood the test of time over the years, and even allows a space for personalized text at the top. Get it here.

Keepsake Library

Gone are the days of losing their first lock of hair or tooth, hospital baby bracelet, sonograms, sweet notes, and more. Keep everything tidy and organized with this keepsake library box, complete with drawers, vertical files, and mini envelopes, the parents will never lose a thing. 

Sterling Silver Baby Brush Set

This elegant sterling silver-plated set includes a vintage-inspired brush and comb which may even remind you of your own childhood. For an added touch, you can customize the brush with a note, the baby’s name, or birthdate. 

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Heirloom Recycled Teddy Bear


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To honor a family member who has passed on, this collectible stuffed animal repurposes old clothing and fabrics into cuddly teddy bears. While this isn’t a toy the little one should be playing with, it is a great way for them to later connect to a family member who is no longer here. Get it here.

Snow Globe

Not only is this a sweet piece of decor that will complement just about any nursery theme the parents have planned, it will be something the little one will want to keep with them for years to come, and maybe even pass on to their children. 

Personalized Book


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There are a number of personalized books available to pick from, and this one includes special family member’s names -- like mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa -- who love their little one. Plus, you can add a special dedication at the beginning which they will cherish forever. Get it here.

Keepsake Box

While you may want to hold off on gifting this until after the baby shower so you can customize with the birthdate, a sweet keepsake box is a wonderful way for parents to hold onto tiny momentos they won’t want to lose, and the baby will eventually want to see once they get older. 

First Year Bifold Frame


Parents will be able to easily store monthly milestone snaps of their little one and watch as they grow up without needing 12 picture frames scattered in different places or strictly digital copies. 

ABC Block Bank

This nickel-plated bank includes letters A through H along with coordinating animals for each letter and can be customized to include 1-2 lines of text such as the baby’s name and birth date. You’re literally giving them the building blocks to save from a young age! 

Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament

Especially for little ones born close to the holidays, parents will be thinking about ways to commemorate their child’s first Christmas or other holiday, and this classic ornament will become a treasured addition to their tree for years to come.

Handprint Frame

They won’t be little for very long, so soak up the tiny days while you can with this DIY handprint frame, complete with four paint colors and a black marker to preserve the early days forever.

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