• 3 women at a table chatting about funny gifs on a phone
    10 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Life With a Teen
    Teens can at times be just as difficult to parent as toddlers. These hilarious GIFs perfectly sum up what it’s like to be a parent to a teen on a daily basis. More: A Parent's Guide To VSCO When they ask for money to go to the mall   Bet...
    Jacqueline Weiss
  • A parents guide to the latest teen slang
    The Newest Teen Slang Trends of 2021
    Even though you’re a parent, it probably still feels like you were a teen just a few years ago in some ways. The emotions and themes of teen experience may not change much, but the one thing that certainly does change year over year is the slan...
    Robin Enan
  • Teens
    Teen Depression
    Son Threatens to Kill Himself
    If you feel manipulated, you probably are. Your son may be seeking power and finding that this response gets him what he wants. ...
  • Teens
    Should Parents Intervene When Their Teenagers Have Drama?
    Parenting teens in today’s society is becoming more and more difficult. If you notice your teenager is fighting with a friend, your first instinct might be to step in, but should you? With the bullying and suicide rates at an all time high, it ...
    Amanda Houle
  • Harvard students expelled over their posts
    Communicating With Teens
    Harvard Rescinds Students Over Posts: How Can You Keep Your Students from Dangerous Posts?
    According to the Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s on-campus newspaper, at least 10 students of the class of 2021 have been asked not to join their fellow students at the prestigious school this fall. Their acceptance was rescinded after th...
    Laurie Mega
  • Communicating with Teens
    Communicating With Teens: All It Takes Is Three Magic Words
    Communicating with teens can be tough, but these three magic words --what's your plan -- may fix your relationship for good. Teenagers are old enough to know what they have to do and they may be together enough to have some idea of how to tackle...
    Cara J. Stevens
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    Belly Button Piercing
    A 13-year-old wants to get a belly button piercing, but you can say "no" to a tween without having reasons to back you up. ...
  • Teens
    7 New Year's Resolutions Teens Can Make
    Did your teen overhear you discussing goals for the year? Encourage him to also adopt some new year's resolutions. The key is proposing age-appropriate and realistic changes. Mention a few of these to your teen, and see what sticks!Stay Unplugge...
    Angela Tague
  • Momandteenageboy
    Communicating With Teens
    Essential Rules of Parenting: Raising Teenagers Successfully
    When your child becomes a teenager, you're well over halfway through the job of raising them, and you have only a few years left to instill all those values and principles you want them to go into adult life with. And suddenly, they look as if th...
  • Family Life
    Mother/Daughter Relationships
    Determining the Best Way to Approach Your Daughter
    Determining the Best Way to Approach Your Daughter Moms need to be up front and approach their daughters if they are concerned about a new newfound friendship group or boyfriend. The trick is in how you say it. One slip of the tongue and these...
  • Teen Couple Sharing Milkshake
    What to Do When You Don't Like Your Teen's Boyfriend
    Each stage of parenting offers its own unique challenges for very different reasons. Newborns make for a complete shock to your way of life. Toddlers let you know very quickly that you're not in charge. Elementary school kids can at least communi...
    Steven Auger
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    The Special Art of Talking to Teenagers
    The Special Art of Talking to Teenagers The following suggestions are from the book, "I'm not mad, I just hate you!" They were written expressly with teenagers in mind. The authors call upon moms to engage in responsible communication with thei...
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    The Traumatic Teen Years
    The Traumatic Teen Years My 13 1/2-year-old daughter does not like school. In fact, in every class where she has a marginal (terrible) grade her teachers have kindly noted that she “does not work to her potential.” It is nice that they have ...
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    When You're in a Rut with Your Teen
    When You're in a Rut with Your Teen There's no doubt that communicating with a teen is a road filled with ruts. It's easy to get stuck. A few bad months of disagreeing over everything can make it seem doubtful that the two of you will ever spea...
  • Dangerous Social Media Trends Among Teens - Tree
    Dangerous Social Media Trends Among Teens
    Have you heard of the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why? I was one of the named few who hadn't, and when my teenage cousin told me about the premise I was immediately interested. Thirteen hours later, I couldn't believe the impact that social me...
    Courtney Key
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    Teens: Who Ya Talkin' To?
    Teens: Who Ya Talkin' To? One challenge of understanding teens is that the term “teenager” covers a broad spectrum of people—anyone from the shy adolescent entering middle school to the independent high school senior who has just gotten in...
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    Parenting an Adolescent
    Parenting an Adolescent There's a lot you can't do as the parent of an adolescent. You can't force her to be well behaved or make good choices. A lot of parenting an adolescent involves a kind of Zen practice—breathe deeply, trust that you've ...
  • Teens
    Communicating With Teens
    Daughter Refuses to Go to School
    When a child refuses to go to school, the lines of communication need to be opened up. ...