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The 13 Best Inflatable Sprinklers for Kids

These inflatable sprinklers and water toys will keep kids cool in the yard all summer long!
The 13 Best Inflatable Sprinklers for Kids
Updated: August 5, 2022

Nothing says summer fun like running through the sprinklers. But these aren’t the same lawn sprinklers we splashed around in to cool off in the summertime when we were little ones. Backyard sprinklers now come with an astounding array of designs and functions.

So put on your flip flops and let’s check out some of the best sprinklers for kids.

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How to Choose a High-Quality Sprinkler 

There’s more to picking out water toys than ordering the cheapest thing from Amazon. If you want the water fun to keep going through all of those hot summer days, you have to choose something that’s well made, and which fits the needs of your family.

So, Moms, Dads, and fun lovers everywhere, here’s what you need to know.

Age Range 

For safety reasons, different sprinklers are suggested for different age ranges. So be sure to choose a sprinkler that is made for your kids’ ages.

Air Pump 

If you’re looking at an inflatable, check to see if your model comes with its own air pump. If it doesn’t, make sure you can use a regular air pump to inflate it.


Your kids' sprinkler needs to be made from the right stuff.

The two main sprinkler choices available for home use are inflatables or sprinklers made from solid plastic.

On one hand, solid plastic sprinklers are durable, and won’t deflate. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of storage room for a water sprinkler, an inflatable makes more sense. Choose a durable material like PVC or heavy-duty vinyl.


When it comes to a sprinkler’s water spray abilities, there are a few things to consider, including spray height, spray patterns, and spray reach.

You want to make sure the spray comes out at the right height for your kiddos. If it‘s too high or too low, it‘s not going to be a lot of fun.

Some kids' sprinklers have fun spray patterns or even multiple patterns to choose from.

Now, onto our picks.

Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured in this post, we may receive a small commission for it.

1. Best Inflatable Sprinkler for Older Kids 

Best Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

A giant inflatable unicorn is everyone’s favorite party guest, and if you’re having a garden party, then Jasonwell’s inflatable unicorn sprinkler can provide hours of fun.

The unicorn comes in two sizes. The smaller size stands around five feet tall, while the larger one is around seven feet tall. The water comes out of the horn. The unicorn is held to the ground with stakes.

Jasonwell makes this sprinkler for kids aged eight and up.

2. Best Inflatable Sprinkler for Toddlers and Younger Kids 

It’s a pirate’s life with this pirate ship inflatable sprinkler and ball pit.

This inflatable sprinkler pool features a gentle pressure water canon that your kids can move around to get just the right angle. There’s also a Jolly Roger flying from the back! 

3. Best Splash Pad Sprinkler 

With your choice of either an alphabet or shark theme, the Jasonwell Splash Pad Sprinkler is two different kinds of fun in one.

The circular splash play mat has a rim that collects water like a pool. Sprinklers surround the splash pad and gently rain down water from above.

Jasonwell’s splash pad sprinkler is designed for kids aged two to five.

4. Best Fire Hydrant Sprinkler 

In the movies, people sometimes cool down by tapping a fire hydrant. In reality, though, the extreme water pressure makes this very dangerous. It’s illegal in many areas, too.

Henry the Hydrant is a much better option. Henry is a hard plastic fire hydrant that shoots water 10 feet up and 16 feet to the sides. You can control the pressure with your garden hose, too.

Henry is designed for children ages three and up.

5. Best Giraffe Sprinkler 

A big, friendly giraffe can be a great summer playmate for your kiddos. The GoFloats giraffe sprinkler is a full seven feet tall.

This sprinkler is made from UV-treated rugged raft grade vinyl, and has a special valve that allows it to inflate ten times faster than average.

This sprinkler is recommended for older kids.

6. Best Sprinkler and Inflatable Pool Combo

Best Sprinkler and Inflatable Pool Combo

If you’re looking for a sprinkler pool, then check out the OEVES sprinkler with an attached kiddie pool.

The swimming pool comes in two sizes and is ringed by gentle arcs of falling water. There’s also a dolphin-shaped sprinkler at one end, for extra summer fun.

The OEVES Sprinkler Pool is for kids aged two to 12.

7. Best Water Slide 

OK, a water slide isn’t a sprinkler, but we think it fits, here. A water slide attaches to your garden hose to create slippery, slidey water play that’s fun for everyone.

There’s no upper limit to the amount you can spend on a top-tier, deluxe, professional-grade water slide. But for our money, we’ll go with the moderately priced Super Slip.

The Super Slip comes in a variety of sizes. There’s no inflating; setup involves unrolling the sheet, staking it to the ground, and attaching your hose.

This is one for the older kids and teens.

8. Best Kids Sprinkler for Limited Space 

A lot of people don’t have room to store a huge summer toy. We get it, and so does Tidal Storm.

Tidal Storm’s Hydro Swirl is a spinning sprinkler with an eight-inch hard plastic disk. But that tiny disk packs in a ton of fun. The secret is the wiggle tubes. Water pressure from your garden hose makes the tubes wiggle and shoot water in unpredictable directions.

The Hydro Swirl is made for kids ages four and up.

9. Best Bigmouth Sprinkler 

Bigmouth makes a variety of giant inflatable sprinklers, including a nearly seven-foot-high dinosaur sprinkler made from safety-tested PVC.

Which one is best? We like the monster.

Because of their size and scary potential, Bigmouth recommends their giant sprinklers for teens.

10. Best Walk-Through Sprinkler 

The Millard Water Park Sprinkler Toy is more than just a yard sprinkler. It has a lot of fun features you’ll find in a water park.

Its features include a dump bucket, a walk-through sprinkler, a shower head, and water tables with funnels.

Best of all, this one is rated for everyone from toddlers to teens.

11. Best Trampoline Sprinkler 

We can’t think of a lot of things more fun than a trampoline...except, perhaps, if you have a sprinkler to go with it.

ThrillZoo’s heavy-duty trampoline sprinkler fits trampolines up to 16 feet in diameter. The double-walled, fiber-reinforced tubing goes around the walls of the trampoline. Machine-press fitted brass connectors can maintain air-tight seals up to 800 psi.

Be advised that this is just the sprinkler. You’ll have to provide your own trampoline.

12. Best Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler 

Best Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

You and your family can enjoy the best summer fun under the rainbow with the Splashin’Kids inflatable rainbow sprinkler.

This sprinkler gently rains down water from the top of this 62-inch high, 86-inch wide rainbow.

Fun lovers 18 months and older will love this one.

13. Best Sprinkler Ring Toss 

Think it’s easy to win at ring toss when you’re being squirted by a giant cactus? Think again! Boogem’s Sprinkler Ring Toss shoots water out of the top of a huge, inflatable saguaro, while you compete with your friends.

This sprinkler toy is rated for kids ages three and up, but we think the grownups will definitely want to have a go.

Are You Ready for Summer?

You don’t have to go far for splashin’ summer fun. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your yard. 

For more ideas to beat the heat and enjoy some water games this summer, check out, The 5 Best Backyard Water Games for All Ages! 

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