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Best Pool Toys for Kids: Floats, Dive Toys and Pool Games

Your summer guide to the best pool toys for kids! Dive into this guide to find fun pool games and pool toys for different age ranges and swim levels.
Best Pool Toys for Kids
Updated: June 6, 2023
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Ready to hit the pool and make a splash this summer?  

Keep your family cool and entertained this summer, with the best pool toys that’ll make the kids never want to get out of the water! 

If you’re searching for the best pool toys. From pool floats and beach balls to inflatable pools and pool party games, we’ve got you covered. This guide to the best pool toys for kids of all ages will make you want to dive right into the summer! 

So get ready to make waves and get the most out of swimming pool season with floaties, games, and toys your whole family will enjoy. Our complete guide to the best pool toys includes safety considerations, age/swim-level appropriate options, and so, so, so much more!

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The Best Pool Toys By Age

The whole family can’t always share the same pool toys. Check out these options by age, from the best picks for babies to the tool toys that your tweens or teens will want at their pool party this summer. 

Best Pool Toys for Infants and Toddlers

These playful pool options can help your littlest one to build motor (both fine and gross!) skills, explore through their senses, and more:

Best Pool Toys for Infants and Toddlers
Image Source: Getty Images
  1. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Baby and Toddler Bath Toys 

Price: $9.39 on Amazon. 

This four-pack of soon-to-be bath-time faves can go into the tub or your kiddo’s inflatable pool. The bath toys feature cute characters, float in the water, and stimulate your child’s sense of sight and touch.

  1. Nuby Watering Can Bath Toy 

Price: $6.99 on Amazon 

Bath toys and water toys don’t have to break your summer-time budget. This under $10 pick gives tots the chance to act like mom and dad, watering flowers outside or in the tub! And bonus, the easy-to-grip handle will help toddlers to build fine motor skills.

3. Laycol Baby Swimming Float  Inflatable Ring with Canopy 

Price: $39.99 on Amazon 

This lounge-worthy pool float has a canopy to protect your baby from the sun’s rays. Customize this pool-ready pick and choose your favorite color and size combo.

Best Pool Toys for Preschoolers and Young Children

Best Pool Toys for Preschoolers and Young Children
Image Source: Getty Images

4. Puddle Jumper Preschooler Life Jacket 

Price:  $15.99 at 

This U.S. Coast Guard Approved kid’s life jacket fits children 30 to 50 pounds. Not only is the back buckle easy for you to fasten, but it also makes it not-so-easy for your kiddo to take off mid-swim! 

5. Jasonwell Splash Pad Sprinkler 

Price: $31.99 on Amazon

This portable heavy-duty splash pad adds a fun sprinkler onto an old-school inflatable pool for double the summer fun! Preschoolers and young kiddos can splish, splash, and play in the sprinkler as they wade through the water. 

6. Intex Kool Splash Durable Inflatable Play Center 

Price: $91 on Amazon 

 Water sports in your backyard? Your six-year-old or older kiddo will spend hours sliding down the inflatable pool toy. And yes, you can join in too! Bonus, the slide includes a soft inflatable landing pad.

Best Pool Toys for Tweens and Teens

7. Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set 

Price: $39 on Amazon 

This inflatable basketball hoop is pure aqua awesomeness. Put the basketball hoop into the water and prepare for plenty of pool game fun.

8. GoSports Splash Net Air, Inflatable Pool Volleyball Set 

Price: $49.99 on Amazon 

The pool games won’t stop at the basketball hoop. This volleyball game set has a 9.5-foot net and is perfect for whole-family water game competitions. 

9. Sunlite Sports Waterproof Football 

Price: $19.99 on Amazon 

This sporty selection is available in four different color combos and features a heavy-duty, durable neoprene design. The double-laced football is easy for tweens, teens, and parents to toss inside and outside of the pool.

10. Ixir Inflatable Ring Toss Pool Game 

Price: $11.99 at 

Float the ring toss into the middle of the pool and play the day away. The four-player game is perfect for older children, tweens, teens, and parents.

The Best Dive Toys for the Whole Family

Do your kiddos enjoy diving to the bottom of the pool?

Upgrade the pool day summer fun with a few of the top dive toys. While your younger children may have to sit out on some of the deeper-depth dive-time play, the older fam members can race, splash, dive, and more!

11. Yujun Diving Gem Pool Toy

Price: $8.99 on Amazon

Toss these sparkling gems into the pool and play a pirate-themed diving game as your kids jump to catch the booty.

12. Underwater Training Pool Diving Rings 

Price: $26.99 on Amazon

These colorful rings and sticks are bright, easy to find, and can help your kiddo to build their swimming (and diving!) skills.

13. SquiDivers Pool Diving Toy 

Price: $15 on Amazon 

This three-pack of colorful squiddy friends will wiggle and squiggle down to the bottom of the pool. Your child can follow the squids or wait to dive for them.

14. Yujun 16-Piece Starfish Diving Pool Toys 

Price: $9.99 on Amazon

Not only can older kiddos and tweens dive for these colorful faux starfish, but your preschooler or toddler can also play with the brightly-hued sea creatures in their inflatable pool or even in the tub.

15. Juvale 12-Pack Fish-Shaped Diving Rings 

Price: $18.99 at Target

These Sea-creature-shaped numbered rings can provide hours of diving fun for your whole family. The 12-pack includes fish-shaped rings in four different colors. Turn the rings upright and they will float near the surface.

The Best Pool Games for Kids

From in-the-water adventures to on-dry-land activities, these top picks are pure perfection! Use them for an impromptu backyard bash, choose a few for your kid’s summer birthday party, or just play the games as a family!

16. NERF Super Soaker Toss ‘N Splash Game 

Price: $29.99 at Target 

What happens if you combine cornhole and a water blaster? You get this pool game! Turn the bean bag classic into a new tradition with plenty of aqua fun.

17. Juegoal Collapsible Portable Cornhole Game Set 

Price: $24.99 on Amazon

Even though this isn’t technically a “pool toy,” the portable cornhole game is the ideal addition to your summer-time parties. Set the collapsible cornhole kit up in the grass near the pool, play for hours, and pack it up when you’re all done.

18. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center 

Price: $69.99 on Amazon

Step up your inflatable pool game with this activity center! The littles will have a blast sliding, climbing, splashing, and more. The set also comes with six plastic play balls. a ball toss game, and a ball roller game.

19. Splash Bombs 10-Pack Pool Balls 

Price: $12.99 on Amazon

These absorbent balls make a mighty splash when they hit the water. And bonus, the soft fabric dries quickly in the sun for reuse.

20. X XBEN Inflatable Volleyball Net with Ring Toss Game and Pool Ball 

Price: $23 on Amazon

Talk about a multi-tasker! This pool game is much more than just an inflatable volleyball set. Not only can you spike a ball, but you can also toss rings onto the cactus-shaped end posts! 

The Best Pool Floats for Kids and Families 

A pool day isn’t always all about the activities. You (and the kiddos) need time for some serious summer-time R and R. So rest and relax while floating in the inflatable awesomeness of these top picks.

21. Intex Stingray Ride-On Inflatable Pool Float 

Price: $14.98 on Amazon

The swarthy sea creature has its eyes on you! This almost-too-realistic float features a cool stingray design that the kiddos will love. Plastic grab handles make this sea creature selection easy for younger children to stay on.

22. Intex Inflatable Floating Lounge Chair with Cup Holders 

Price: $29.97 on

Yes, this is a water-safe recliner. The inflatable lounger chair features a sloping design and two drink holders on the armrests.

23. Intex Watermelon Inflatable Island 

Price: $33 on Amazon

This inflatable island can hold up to 440 pounds, making it perfect for the whole family (including adults!). The six-foot-long watermelon slice provides a comfy place to rest in the middle of the pool or poolside.

24. Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float 

Price: $31.99 on Amazon

This massive flamingo can hold up to 200 pounds. You won’t need a fancy air pump to keep this bird pool-ready. Use a hairdryer or the same air pump you bought for your kiddo’s toys to inflate the flamingo.

25. Ozuler Pool Float with Fruit Bowl and Cup Holder 

Price: $49.99 on Amazon

This two-person lounger includes spaces to hold a full bowl of fruit (or another not-so-healthy snack) and a drink!

Pool Toy Safety Considerations

Before you invest in a new set of pool toys for the littles, take a moment (or a few) to carefully review the water safety considerations. The best pool toys for kids are more than just fun. These toys are developmentally appropriate and won’t pose a drowning risk for your kiddo.

Whether you are buying inflatable pool floats for the fam, swim thru rings, paddling pools, diving toys, or any other summer-time swim-friendly selection, consider the safety rating of the toy, your child’s age, how your child will use the splashy pick, and whether your kiddo is developmentally ready to use the toy responsibly.

Keep in mind, pool toys are just that: Toys. While floaties, pool noodles, and similar devices may seem like they increase swimming safety or could prevent drowning, these are playthings and could give your child a false sense of security. 

According to the University of Missouri, swim floaties aren’t likely to prevent drowning and can even teach children bad swimming posture. Instead of arm bands or similar toys, choose a U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation device. These lifejackets are designed to protect kiddos who may need extra help in the water.

Along with toys your child may wear or sit and fit into, you also need to consider the safety of inflatable swimming pools. Even though paddling pools may seem like the perfect solution for new swimmers or kiddos who aren’t ready yet to dive into the deep end, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that 280 children ages five and under drown in pools annually. 

The number of drownings in inexpensive inflatable pools is on the rise. The flexible sides of these pools can easily collapse, making it possible for young children to get into the pools without help from a parent. 

To keep your child safe while swimming, adults need to supervise kiddos 100 percent of the time when they are in or even around a pool.

Are you searching for more info on pool safety for kids? Check out our best Pool Safety Tips fo Families with Children

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