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Updated: December 10, 2021

6 Key Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Start Potty Training

Signs of Potty Training

When it’s time to potty train, it can be stressful for both toddlers and parents. But it can also be a really positive and rewarding experience. Heather Wallace, Love and Logic facilitator,​​ reminds us that a “toddler’s interest level is a key indicator of readiness. One thing you cannot control is your toddler’s bathroom habits. Therefore, making sure your toddler is ready to take control of this part of her development is imperative to success.

Updated: April 7, 2022

My Teenager Sleeps All Day: Is It Normal?

Teens and Sleep

At a lot of high schools, classes begin around 7:30 in the morning. Your teen may complain that that’s too early, and that this schedule keeps them from getting enough sleep.

Guess what? Sleep experts agree.

Although teens need the same amount of sleep as the rest of us, at some point during adolescence the circadian rhythm changes. As a result, the ideal teen sleep cycle looks a bit different than that of younger children, or even of adults.

Updated: January 26, 2022

Boys and Porn: How to Talk to Your Son About Porn

Boys and Porn

Boys and Porn: What's Normal?

The internet is an easily-accessible resource for information of all kinds, and adolescent boys take advantage of the freedom they have to search for whatever interests them. There is a never ending stream of information and entertainment from cosplay to YouTube videos of their favorite musicians. For many young men, one of the top searches is online porn. It's natural for teenage boys to be curious about sex. In the past, they were able to sneak in a few peeks of their father's Playboy magazine or their brother's contraband dirty pictures.

Updated: December 2, 2020

75 of the Best Elf on the Shelf Names

Elf on the Shelf Names_featured

If there is a more magical time of the year, it’s the Christmas season. The lights, music, and cuisine bring the nostalgia of old and new traditions. At last, some cheer for a long and arduous year: the tree is decorated, the nativity scene is displayed, you’ve turned on the twinkling lights of your little village, and prepared your ingredients for baking. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the smell of pine and hot apple cider permeate the air.

Updated: January 26, 2021

80 of The Most Common Names in the World

Most Common Names_Featured

When thinking about baby names, many parents are interested in understanding what the most common names in the world are so they can either avoid them or choose from that list depending on preference. You can find the most common names in the world over the last 100 years in the records of the Social Security Administration, although that doesn’t help to understand which top names have been the most consistently popular.

Updated: April 25, 2022

How To Deal With Gender Disappointment: I Wanted a Girl But Am Having a Boy

female hands at belly with with BOY and GIRL cards

People often have a specific idea of what parenthood will look like for them. Perhaps you've imagined they'll have all boys, or one baby boy and one baby girl. Maybe they've hoped for twins for as long as they can remember. Some couples will try to follow old-wives tale practices to conceive a certain gender baby such as eating lots of vegetables and fish to get pregnant with a girl or only having sex on certain days of the month.

Updated: April 21, 2022

Cell Phones at School: Should They Be Allowed?

Pros and cons of allowing cell phones in school

Should students be allowed to have their cell phones in middle school and high school? A 2010 Pew Research Center study found that 65 percent of cell-owning teens bring their phones to school despite any bans that may be in place. Most high schools now allow students to have cell phones but require them to be turned off during class because they can be disruptive and distracting.

Updated: May 27, 2022

The Texas School Shooting: Explaining Tragedy and School Shootings to Kids

Mom hugging child going to school

When I saw the news about the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, I felt as though my heart had collapsed. There are no words to explain the cascade of emotions one feels reading about an elementary school shooting, especially when you have your own precious children in school.

Events like this shake up our hold on reality. They are scary and confusing for us, let alone our kids. You may be wondering whether you should talk to your children about the Texas shooting and what you should say if you do.

Storing Your Genealogy Files on the Computer

Storing Your Genealogy Files on the Computer

At first you'll keep every scrap of paper. You photocopy a marriage record from a book and photocopy the title page; now you have two pieces of paper in the file. Multiply this many times over, and you'll be overflowing with paper unless you find a way to reduce the stream. The problem is not limited to providing the space needed to store all the paper. Consider that some day others will use the records. Unless your files are condensed sufficiently, others will not want to store them.

Updated: April 19, 2022

What Are The Chances My Baby Will Be Born With a Cleft Palate?

Lady Checking Baby's Heartbeat - What Are Chances of Baby Receiving Cleft Palate

Cleft palate is one of the most common birth defects in the United States. A cleft palate occurs when the tissue of the roof of the mouth does not join up. This causes a separation. 

There are different types of cleft. It can be split in the front, back, or all the way across the roof of the mouth. It can accompany a cleft lip, which happens when the tissue around the mouth does not join up. This leaves an opening on the top lift that sometimes extends up through the nose. A cleft lip can occur with or without a cleft palate. 

Updated: March 11, 2022

Is Gripe Water Safe for Babies? (Acid Reflux, Colic, and More)

Gripe Water

Babies cry -- It is a fact of life. However, for some, the crying never seems to stop. Many desperate parents of colicky babies, like myself, find themselves wishing and praying for a magical elixir to help soothe their baby's aches and pains. Gripe water is toted as a solution to the unsolvable curse of colic, but is it safe for babies? We investigate this product to determine if it is the cure-all answer to your child's inconsolable tears!

Updated: February 12, 2020

What to Do When You Don't Like Your Teen's Boyfriend

Teen Couple Sharing Milkshake

Each stage of parenting offers its own unique challenges for very different reasons. Newborns make for a complete shock to your way of life. Toddlers let you know very quickly that you're not in charge. Elementary school kids can at least communicate with you though they might not – scratch that – they probably won't listen. And then there are the teens. Teen behavior is proof that extraterrestrial life does exist. Be prepared for five or six years of mental chess.

Updated: February 12, 2020

Successful Baby Names: The Ultimate Guide

Successful baby doing algebra on hallway wall

As parents, all we want for our kids is to grow up and be happy and successful. There’s no solid way to ensure both, or else we’d all have it. But there certainly are ways that we can set them up for success by nudging them in the right direction. One of the ways to subtly nudge them into the direction of success is to give them a name that commands respect. A name like that could certainly ensure that they’re being set up for success in their futures. 

How to Encourage Healthy Emotional Development in Boys

Giving Boys an Emotional Vocabulary

All too often, boys learn that the ideal man is the strong, silent type. Weak men are "girly men."

Many boys have exactly two speeds when it comes to emotion: They are "okay," or they are "angry." Many parents are shocked at how quickly their sons become belligerent, but it should come as no surprise.

Anger is culturally acceptable for boys (and men) and creates its own set of problems.

More: Anger: The Acceptable Male Emotion


Genealogy: When the Information Doesn't Agree

Genealogy: When the Information Doesn't Agree

The census says Great-Grandpa was 9 in 1870, but the 1900 census says he was born in 1860. His tombstone says he was born 4 April 1861. The Bible record in his father's pension file has 7 April 1861. Which is correct?

First, recheck your notes and sources to be sure you didn't make a mistake. Then, analyze the information you have collected. Evaluate the sources from which you collected the information. Ask these questions and apply the answers to your problem:

Updated: May 15, 2019

Seat Belts on School Buses

Seat Belts on School Buses

"Buckle up for safety!" When it comes to car accidents, there's no doubt about it -- seat belts save lives. But what about seat belts on school buses? New York and New Jersey are the only two states that require seat belts on large public-school buses, but across the country a heated debate is brewing. Last year alone, 17 states introduced seat-belt bills. None of them passed.

Updated: April 11, 2022

The Best Diet for Gestational Diabetes: What To Eat (And Avoid)

Gestational Diabetes

Getting a diagnosis of diabetes during pregnancy can be scary, but changing your diet will help you and your baby stay healthy. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) management may be challenging due to food cravings and aversions during pregnancy, but a registered dietitian or diabetes educator can help you come up with a meal plan you will enjoy that meets your nutritional needs to keep your blood sugar levels stable. A prenatal glucose test will determine whether or not you have gestational diabetes based on how high blood sugar levels are.