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Updated: June 30, 2022

My Son Doesn't Want to Go to College: What Can I Do?

No College No Problem

To hear a lot of people talk, a high school graduate has two options: university or a life of poverty and uncertainty. Unfortunately, not every teenager wants to go to college.

Fortunately, there are more options after high school than pursuing a college degree. And many of those options can lead to secure, well-paying employment, even without that four-year degree.

Here are a few.

Updated: June 30, 2022

What Can I Do About Breast Eczema During Pregnancy

Breast Eczema

Pregnancy brings on a lot of uncomfortable skin conditions, including eczema. While many women notice the appearance of this irritation on their hands, face, and neck, others will find this red rash in a much more sensitive area — their breasts. For those looking for some much needed relief, we have an array of solutions that will help to stop the urge to scratch.

Updated: July 19, 2022

Swimming Lessons for Kids: How to Prepare Them for the Pool

swimming coach giving lessons to kids

Swimming is an amazing skill that will not only keep your kids active, but it could also save their life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that “drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury death behind motor vehicle crashes for children ages 1–14.” They also report that an average of 11 children under the age of 14 die every single day from drowning.

Updated: August 2, 2022

The Monkeypox Outbreak: How to Prevent Infection

Monkeypox outbreak

Monkeypox is a rare disease that has been suddenly popping up across the globe. The surge in confirmed and suspected cases is quite concerning, and WHO have now declared the monkeypox outbreak as a global health emergency. What you may not realize is that in decades past, anyone who received a smallpox vaccine was also protected from this virus due to their close relation.

Updated: April 7, 2022

13 Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms from Congestion to Canker Sores

Pregnancy Symptoms

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! Morning sickness, breast tenderness, extreme tiredness, and a missed period are all pretty clear-cut signs that you have a little bundle of joy on the way. However, there are many women, including myself, who found that their initial clues were a little less obvious. If you suspect that you are expecting, here is a rundown of some of the more unusual pregnancy symptoms to look out for in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Updated: March 22, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Postpartum Care (From Underwear to Hair Loss)

Postpartum Guide

There is a lot of support for mothers and birthing parents during the prenatal period, but postpartum care looks a bit different. Upon leaving the hospital following childbirth, you will be armed with supplies like maxi pads, diapers, and witch hazel wipes but may be feeling a little uncertain, overwhelmed, and uncomfortable as you embark on the next journey — the fourth trimester.

Updated: May 31, 2022

Is Candy and Chocolate Okay for Toddlers?

Chocolate and Candy for Toddlers

Dark chocolate has long been toted as a healthy treat that is brimming with antioxidants and beneficial vitamins and minerals. This gives many parents the false impression that it is a good idea to offer this sweet snack to their kids.

Health Concerns With Sugar Filled Foods

While everything is okay in moderation, there are some things to keep in mind when you give candy and chocolate to toddlers.

Updated: February 10, 2022

10 Ways to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom (That Aren't MLMS!)


Between the feedings, the diaper changes, and trying to get your baby to enjoy tummy time, it can be tough to squeeze in a sliver of time for anything else as a stay-at-home mom. But, if you want to bring in some extra income for your family, there are remote jobs that you can do to make money from home. You're in the driver's seat, so you can make your own schedule and decide what kind of side hustle you're going to do to bring in extra money.

Updated: February 4, 2022

Breastmilk Storage: How Long is Breast Milk Good For?

How Long Does Breast Milk Last

Breast milk is called liquid gold for a reason. Regardless of whether you pump milk to bottle feed or nurse your child right from the breast, babies get necessary nutrients and antibody protections from human milk. Since breastfeeding takes time and energy, make sure you are storing breast milk properly to make it last. Knowing breast milk storage guidelines is important for any nursing parent.

Updated: January 19, 2022

Is Your Child Seeking Constant Reassurance? (How to Address Anxiety)

Anxious Child

“What if…?”
It’s the older-kid version of “Why?” A question that arises from your child’s increasing capacity to think about and anticipate the future. How exciting! But with this newfound cognitive ability comes the discomfort of uncertainty. “What if it rains on my birthday?” “What if our dog gets out?” “What if my friends laugh at my new shirt?”

Parents typically answer these questions. And why not? Asking is how children gather information about the world, and answering makes everyone feel better, but only in the short term. 

Updated: December 14, 2021

12 Early Signs You Might Be Pregnant

First Signs of Pregnancy

When you think you may be pregnant, you look for any early signs of pregnancy that can indicate that you're about to be a mom. Many of the earliest signs of pregnancy can appear before a positive pregnancy test would register. But, every woman is going to be different as to when they may first realize they're pregnant.

Updated: November 22, 2021

10 Completely Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Naturally Induce Labor

When you're past your due date, you'll do just about anything to get things moving. While there is no magic switch for inducing labor, some overdue moms want to induce labor naturally. Of course, you should always check with your doctor first because each momma is different and you want to be sure you're not doing anything that would harm you or your baby. Your doctor may have some ideas for labor induction as well. Everyone has a common goal here!


Updated: December 10, 2021

6 Key Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Start Potty Training

Signs of Potty Training

When it’s time to potty train, it can be stressful for both toddlers and parents. But it can also be a really positive and rewarding experience. Heather Wallace, Love and Logic facilitator,​​ reminds us that a “toddler’s interest level is a key indicator of readiness. One thing you cannot control is your toddler’s bathroom habits. Therefore, making sure your toddler is ready to take control of this part of her development is imperative to success.