• Learning Disabilities Printables
    Characteristics Checklist for Asperger's Syndrome: Interests/Routines/Order
    Print out and use this checklist to help in an initial diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome in your child. You can find more checklists on Asperger's syndrome here. ...
  • School Forms Printables
    Medication Permission Form
    Use this school form if you need to give the school permission to give your child medication. ...
  • School Forms Printables
    Field Trip Permission Form
    Record all the pertinent information in this printable school form, to give your child permission to participate in a school field trip. ...
  • Kids
    Keeping Kids Home
    When to Keep a Child at Home
    When to Keep a Child at HomeAlthough it may seem obvious, children should not go to school when they're contagious to others, when they have a fever, or when they're too sick to learn. Childhood illnesses are spread easily when children are in cl...
  • School and Learning
    Build a Collection Without Going Broke
    Build a Collection Without Going Broke Unless your child has unlimited money and unlimited time, it's impossible to start with a great collection. It may take years to even get up to “good.” But he has to start someplace, and getting there i...
  • Kids
    Earning Money
    Collecting for Fun and Profit
    Collecting for Fun and Profit Collecting has been around forever. People like to save things. The wealthy have been collecting antique paintings, porcelains, and furniture for generations. Today, however, collecting isn't limited to the rich. It...
  • School and Learning
    Magnet Schools
    Magnet School vs. Public School
    Learn how magnet schools differ from other public schools. ...
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Fine-Motor Skills
    Fun Sign Language
    Fun Sign LanguageDirections Involve your child in making up signals with their hands, arms, and fingers. Each signal should stand for a word or expression. Keep it simple and see how many your child can come up with and remember. This could becom...
  • School and Learning
    Choosing a Quality School
    Finding the Best School for Your Child
    Finding the Best School for Your Child Everybody's got an opinion about where you should send Wadsworth to school. Dominic down at the deli is convinced the local elementary school is the best place for him. But your mother still believes it was ...
  • School and Learning
    Field Trips
    Ceramics or Art Studio Field Trip
    Ceramics or Art Studio Field TripDirections Check your community art center to find out if you have any practicing artists living in your community. You may be able to arrange a visit to the studio where you can watch the artist at work. Ceramic...
  • School and Learning
    Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment in School
    An expert explains why corporal punishment is not a healthy discipline technique in school or in the family. ...
  • School and Learning
    Field Trips
    Observatory Field Trip
    Observatory Field TripDirections If you are interested in stars, planets, and constellations, an observatory or planetarium is the place to go. An observatory is a tall, dome-shaped building specially built to observe the night sky through large...
  • School and Learning
    ADHD Medications
    Medications in School
    Medications in SchoolWho should be responsible for administering medications in school? This seemingly innocent question has touched off a lot of controversy recently, with some teachers, administrators, and even school nurses expressing relucta...
  • School and Learning
    Bilingual and Bicultural Education
    How to Bolster Budding Language Skills
    How to Bolster Budding Language Skills Writing letters and learning phonics makes Claudia cranky. She recently grumbled, "I hope I won't have to read too many books once I get to first grade." When handwriting, phonics drills, and endless workboo...
  • after-school routine checklist
    Parenting Tools Printables
    After-School Routine Checklist
    After School Routine Checklist ...
  • School and Learning
    Coin and Stamp Collecting
    Coin and Stamp CollectingMaterials Coins and/or stamps from your own and other countries Small box, notebook, or coin and stamp collecting books Glue Tape Directions Start your preschooler on a coin and/or stamp collection. Ask friends and family...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Preschooler's Busy Book
  • School and Learning
    Virtual Schools
    Virtual Schools Provide the Power of Choice
    Virtual Schools Provide the Power of Choice By Elizabeth Kanna, contributing editor-at-large, Homeschooler Network When Russian-born Wimbledon Champion Maria Sharapova was asked by the press how she continued to impress everyone she met with her...
  • School and Learning
    Homeschooling and Socialization
    Do Homeschoolers Miss Out on High School Sports and Activities?
    Advice from a homeschooling expert for homeschoolers who don't want to miss out on high-school sports and activities. ...