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Changing History

How would your child negotiate his way out of some of history's biggest conflicts?
Updated: December 1, 2022

Changing History

For: Kids 9 and up
Required: Just your time.

Perhaps your young negotiators would have found a way for the colonists and the British to resolve their differences without warfare -- and now they can tell you how they would have accomplished this historic feat.

Ask your kids to choose a historical event that they've been studying. They might want to conduct additional research to refresh their memories or to add to their stash of knowledge about the happening.

Then, have your children retell the tale, putting themselves right in the thick of the event. How would they have changed history? What decisions would they have made, and how would that have affected the outcome? How could they have prevented others from derailing their actions? What consequences would that have on the world today?

Your kids might also include other family members in their stories. Perhaps all of you were the heroes of history. Tape your children's versions of the facts, or ask them to write down the new histories -- the world will want to know about them!

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