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Reluctant Readers

A Love of Reading

Find how to foster a love of reading in your child. read more

ADHD and Summer Reading

Find some tips for helping reluctant readers with ADHD. read more

Galactic Hot Dogs Reading Log

Print out this reading log for your kids to read every chapter of the Galactic Hot Dogs book online! Write in the other books they're reading to keep track of all of their reading adventures. read more

He Hates Reading!

What can you do if your child hates to read? read more

Helping a Reluctant Reader

Discover some methods to help a child who hates to read. read more

Helping an Artistic Child to Read Better

Learn how to help a reluctant reader in middle school. read more

Make Reading Fun

Expert advice on how to get kids to enjoy reading. read more

Reading Takes a Backseat to TV and Computer

Don't be afraid to turn off the TV! Limit time on the computer to half an hour. But don't force the reading issue or your child will rebel. read more

Third-Grader Won't Read

A child who has reading comprehension difficulties won't find much pleasure in reading on his own. read more