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5 Activities To Practice Sight Words

Try these quick and easy activities to help your child practice her sight words.

Learning sight words is one of the first steps to learning to read! By working on these as you begin to understand letter sounds, kids will be able to quickly identify frequently used words without having to sound them out. Here are some fun ways to practice this skill.

Young Boy Reading on Couch

Beach Ball Words

Write sight words on an inflatable beach ball with a permanent marker. Have a fun game of toss and each time you catch it, read the first word you see. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, this is what practice is for!

Young Kid Holding Beach Ball

Toy Sentences

Use a few of the common sight words your kid has started to master, and write them down on paper. Cut them out and form sentences. The fun part is taking Use small toys, like a dinosaur or airplane, to fill in harder words to help make this activity extra fun!

Toy Letters Sight Words Activity

Reading Blocks

Make reading blocks so you can spell lots of different sight words without writing them out. Just paint some wooden blocks you have at home and write letters with a permanent marker.

Toy Blocks with Letters

Word Finder

Make your own word finder so kids can look through books and pick out sight words they know as they read along with you. Just cut any shape out in construction paper and glue it to a craft stick.

Book and Toy Magnifier

Number Sight Words

Practice your number sight words by matching the word to the number. You can make your own chart with just a paper and pen!

Easy Sight Words Activity for Kids

Sight word practice can be a lot of fun, and these activities can help you think of ways to introduce those tricky words in everyday life.

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