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Reading Difficulties

Conquer reading difficulties, and help your child develop essential reading and writing skills with our expert advice, tips, and fun language arts skill-builders.

15-Year-Old with LD Won't Read

It's very hard to be motivated to read if reading is hard for you. read more

A Love of Reading

Find how to foster a love of reading in your child. read more

ADD, Low IQ, and Reading

A mother seeks help for her son with ADD, a low IQ, and reading difficulty. read more

ADHD and Summer Reading

Find some tips for helping reluctant readers with ADHD. read more

Computer Programs for Reading Difficulties?

Our expert advises a mother whose children both have trouble with reading comprehension. read more

Concerned About Third-Grade Niece

A third-grader is unable to read, can't do her homework without a great deal of assistance, and doesn't understand much of any subject. read more

Confidence Problem or Learning Disability?

Testing may be required to determine the cause of your child's reading problems. read more

Devising an IEP

There is a distinction between processing problems and reading disabilities. read more

Do You Know the Facts About Literacy?

Do you know the facts about the state of literacy in the U.S.? Take our quiz and find out. read more

Does Your Grade-Schooler Have Dyslexia?

Is your child struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a reading disability. read more

Does Your High-Schooler Have Dyslexia?

Is your teenager struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a reading disability. read more

Does Your Middle-Schooler Have Dyslexia?

Is your adolescent struggling in school? Find out if you should have her evaluated for a reading disability. read more

Does Your Preschooler Have Dyslexia?

Does your little one have a problem learning? Find out if you should have her evaluated for a reading disability. read more

First Grader's Reading Level

According to our expert, there is no reading level that a first grader should be at when school year begins. read more

Fourth-Grader's Trouble with Reading

What can you do at home to make reading a fun pastime, while improving his reading skills? read more

Galactic Hot Dogs Reading Log

Print out this reading log for your kids to read every chapter of the Galactic Hot Dogs book online! Write in the other books they're reading to keep track of all of their reading adventures. read more

Gifted Child Has Reading Problems

It is very possible even for gifted children to have learning disabilities. read more

He Hates Reading!

What can you do if your child hates to read? read more

Helping a Reluctant Reader

Discover some methods to help a child who hates to read. read more

Helping an Artistic Child to Read Better

Learn how to help a reluctant reader in middle school. read more

High-School Freshman Needs Help with Spelling and Reading

Get information on how to obtain books on tape and other resources for older children with learning disabilities. read more

Improving Reading Skills in Middle School

Our expert advises a seventh-grader how to improve reading skills. read more

Is My Child a Good Reader?

Take this quiz to discover your child's strengths and weaknesses in reading. read more

LD or Just Not Bright?

There are many different reasons why a child may have difficulty with reading comprehension. read more

Long Live Literacy!

Where would the three "R's" be without literacy? Take our quiz and learn the facts about reading and writing. read more

Low Reading and Math Levels

Learn some technique to help children with reading and math trouble. read more

Make Reading Fun

Expert advice on how to get kids to enjoy reading. read more

Math and Reading Trouble for a Child with ADHD

Working to build the attention span of a child with ADHD will help him succeed. read more

Middle School Reading Levels

Learn what level a typical middle-school child should be reading at. read more

NLD -- Where to Begin?

Learn how to educate yourself about nonverbal learning disorders (NLD). read more