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Kindergarten Readiness

Prepare your child for the transition from preschool to kindergarten.

A Good Morning Routine for Your Kindergartener

Establish a morning routine and plan a stress-free morning for your kindergartener. read more

Add and Subtract: For Spanish Speakers

This handout for Spanish speaking parents helps them improve their child's math readiness. read more

Adding up to 12 At Home

This handout explains fun math games families can play. read more

Classroom Manners

A mother seeks help tempering her son's enthusiasm in kindergarten class. read more

Different Types of Evaluations

The type of evaluation your child will receive depends largely on what kind of kindergarten he will be attending. read more

Following Directions in Kindergarten

It's important to identify listening problems early -- before they can affect learning. read more

Get Ready to Add and Subtract

This handout suggests small activities for families to help improve their child's math readiness. read more

Gifted Kindergartner

A parent is well-advised to consider the benefits and costs of her son's advanced work in kindergarten. read more

Has Preschool Prepared Your Child for Kindergarten?

Has Preschool Prepared Your Child for Kindergarten? Preschool can provide an important introduction to the notion of schooling. For many children, preschool provides a "head start" in learning certain academic skills that they will be expected to learn in kindergarten and first grade. If your child has attended a good preschool program, he will already have some rudimentary knowledge of such concepts as colors, shapes, numbers, and letter recognition (as well as the sounds that different letters produce). read more

Impulsive Four-Year-Old

Learn some techniques for calming an impulsive four-year-old, to prepare him for kindergarten. read more

Is Kindergarten Ready for Your Child?

Is Kindergarten Ready for Your Child? Besides considering your child's needs, abilities, and maturity, you also should take the time to evaluate the kindergarten program in your school district. Finding out about your local kindergarten will give you other factors that may help you determine when to enroll your child. Ask the school's principal about: read more

Is My Daughter Emotionally Ready for Kindergarten?

Learn when you should decide if your child is ready for kindergarten. read more

Is My Son Ready for First Grade?

If a child didn't listen well in kindergarten, and is easily distracted, is he ready for first grade? read more

Kindergarten Expectations

Consider all of the expectations on a kindergartner before you decide she has a problem. read more

Kindergarten Prep: Clean-Up Time

Kindergarten Prep: Clean-Up Time In the kindergarten classroom, your child will be expected to do her share of taking care of the classroom environment. This can include anything from picking up blocks after play to throwing away trash after snack to putting books back on a shelf and the list goes on. read more

Kindergarten Prep: Cutting with Scissors

Kindergarten Prep: Cutting with ScissorsIt is most likely that you will find scissors on the "back-to-school" shopping list. You will want to select a good pair of child-sized scissors that your child can hold comfortably in his hand and that will easily cut paper. Be leery of really cheap scissors as these can make the cutting process more difficult and they will most likely fall apart before too long. read more

Kindergarten Prep: I Am An Engineer

Kindergarten Prep: I Am An EngineerEngineering may sound like a big word for early learning, but the planning, constructing, reconstructing, dismantling, and testing of how shapes and objects fit together or work together is something young children automatically do every day. What Your Child Should Know Your child should know: read more

Kindergarten Prep: I Am Technologically Savvy

Kindergarten Prep: I Am Technologically Savvy There is no question that today's kids live in a technologically driven world, and that it doesn't take long for young children to become tech savvy. In today's world when the word technology is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a computer and the Internet. But technology also can include other devices such as cameras, video and audio recordings, overhead projectors, and iPods. read more

Kindergarten Prep: Name Writing

Kindergarten Prep: Name WritingThe step following mark-making is letter writing, creating symbols that are recognizable to you and to your child. Young children often make the most progress writing the letters in their name before writing any others. As mentioned in the section on name recognition, a young child is interested in writing her own name because it has meaning to her and she feels a great sense of pride when she can write her name all by herself. read more

Kindergarten Prep: People Have Different Things

Kindergarten Prep: People Have Different Things Your child already knows that people need food to eat, a home to live in, and clothing to wear. These are the most basic of human needs, but not all people eat the same food, live in the same kinds of houses, or wear the same kinds of clothing. What Your Child Should Know Your child should: read more

Kindergarten Prep: Respect

Kindergarten Prep: Respect Personal responsibility also involves the concept of respect—respect for others, respect for things, and self-respect. What Your Child Should Know Your child should know: That it is important to demonstrate respect for others and the property of others How her actions demonstrate a sense of respect read more

Kindergarten Prep: Separation Anxiety

Kindergarten Prep: Separation AnxietyUp to this point in her life, your child has pretty much been exclusively in your company. That is to say, except for visits to relatives, she's always been around you and she knows you're there to take care of any problems. That's about to change, and it's only natural that it should be accompanied by anxiety—for both of you. What Your Child Should Know Your child should: read more

Kindergarten Prep: Spending Time With Friends

Kindergarten Prep: Spending Time With FriendsFriendship is an important part of kindergarten success. Young children need to feel accepted by their peers and have the skills to play cooperatively, productively, and positively with others. What Your Child Should Know Entering a new community of peers can be challenging. Your child should know: How to make new friends in his kindergarten classroom How to play successfully with others How to be a good friend to others read more

Kindergarten Prep: Sportsmanship

Kindergarten Prep: Sportsmanship Being a good sport is a tough concept for kids to wrap their minds around. Young children naturally want to be the first in line or the winner of every game, and when they don't win or get to be first, they can find it frustrating. It is hard for young children to think past their own wants or needs or past their immediate circumstances and consider the possibilities that are ahead. read more

Kindergarten Prep: Use Your Walking Feet

Kindergarten Prep: Use Your Walking Feet There is every real possibility that your child's kindergarten classroom will have a set of rules posted on the wall. In every community there must be rules, which provide some sense of order and boundaries. The learning community is like a small society, and the teacher provides a sense of order and consistent boundaries. One way a teacher will often help students to understand their role in the learning community is by establishing a set of classroom rules. read more

Kindergarten Prep: Writing Tools

Kindergarten Prep: Writing ToolsIn learning to write, your child first needs time to explore a variety of writing tools. Over time you will introduce how to hold writing tools properly and your child will begin to perfect her skills in using those tools. For now, the goal is to introduce a variety of writing tools and give your child opportunities to explore those tools as a way to promote her fine-motor strength and skills. read more

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness depends on many factors. read more

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Use this checklist to see whether your child is ready to enter kindergarten. read more

Kindergarten Reading Skills

This expert explains that the focus in the typical kindergarten class is on teaching children pre-reading skills. read more

Kindergarten Screening Tests

Kindergarten screening tests are not always reliable testing instruments. read more