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High School Milestones and Obstacles

High school is full of important milestones for your child. Read on for tips to help ease the transitions during high school and graduation.

Does Your High-Schooler Have LD?

Is your teenager struggling in school? Find out if you should have him evaluated for a learning disability. read more

Dyslexia and the High-Schooler

Dyslexia and the High-Schooler By the time students reach high school, many have managed to camouflage their dyslexia with well-developed strategies or deceptions that cover up academic lapses. Others continue to have problems and may suffer from low self-esteem or depression. And since distractibility, dreaminess, and lack of motivation are age-typical behaviors, it's not always easy to separate real learning problems from adolescent angst. read more

He Dislikes School

Learn from an expert how to talk to your child when he says he dislikes school. read more

High School and Higher Expectations

High School and Higher Expectations I am an advocate for my kids, in the truest sense of the word. I made it my responsibility to inform all of their high school teachers, counselors, and principals that our family goal was for them to attend college. I would ask, "How can you help us get there, and what do we need to provide for you, and what do we need to do to help ourselves?" Understand that teachers who have any love for their profession want to be a part of their students' successes. read more

High-School Grad with LD Seeks Help

Is there any help for a high-school grad who had an IEP for SLD in reading, writing, and study skills? read more

IEP Interventions and Transition to High School

When your teenager has ADHD, ODD, and LD, it's wise to be proactive and plan ahead to meet his needs in high school. read more

Is Your Teen Planning for the Future?

Is your teen prepared to be the architect of his own future? Take this quiz and find out! read more

Juniors: Hitting Their Stride

Juniors: Hitting Their StrideThey're stepping out and liking the way it feels. For high-school juniors, school's cool and things are cookin' -- until they're reminded of what lies ahead. Rare is the student who hasn't been warned that this year really counts. The heat's on to boost academic credentials and polish a personal profile for college. Counterbalancing the anxiety are deepening friendships and a growing sense of self. read more

LD, High School, and Grades

Teachers and parents must be honest with a child about his learning needs and skills, so that he's not surprised when he "hits the wall" in high school. read more

Regretful Dropout

What options does a high-school dropout have to receive a diploma? read more

Sophomores: Independence-Bound

Sophomores: Independence-BoundNo longer the smallest fish in the high-school pond, tenth graders are on the move. With increased age comes increased responsibility, self-knowledge and -- most prized of all -- freedom. From driver's ed to dating, sophomores are independence-bound. read more

Taking Time Off After High School

Taking Time Off After High School "What are you doing after high school?" For many teenagers, this question elicits only one possible reply: Going to college. But there are other alternatives. The most common reason why some teenagers consider taking a year off after high school, say high-school counselors, is education fatigue -- the student is simply tired of school. read more

The Importance of College to Your Child's Future

The Importance of College to Your Child's Future"Why do I have to go to college?" You are sure to hear this from your student at least once. Have your answers ready in terms they can understand. A college education will get you a better job and then help you keep it. College graduates earn more money-even a two-year degree makes a difference in income. read more

Top 10 Graduation Gifts

Senioritis is in full effect and graduation is right around the corner. Send your grad down this road of change prepared and in style. Whether the grad in your life is heading to college or off to the "real world," we have the best high school graduation gift ideas any new graduate would love. read more

Top 10 Skills for High-School Students

Whether you're a freshman or a senior, developing the following 10 skills will help you achieve success in school, in your chosen career, and in life. read more