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Coping With ADHD

Children with ADHD can face big challenges both in and out of school. Get tools and tips to help your child with ADD or ADHD cope with his struggles.

6 Strategies to Help Your Child with LD Succeed

If you have a child with a learning disability, you know how hard it can be to get him excited about schoolwork. Check out these tips and strategies from our readers that will help your child accomplish his goals, and encourage him to go that extra mile. read more

8 Disorganization Styles of Struggling Boys

Why is your child struggling in school? In her book "That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life," author Ana Homayoun identifies eight styles of disorganization and distraction that are commonly associated with academically struggling boys. Does your son fall into one of these categories? Find out and get tips excerpted from Homayoun's book. read more

9 Anxiety-Busters for Kids Taking Standardized Tests

Test day jitters are striking earlier than ever. In most states, standardized testing aligned with the Common Core begins in second or third grade, but a few states administer standardized tests as early as kindergarten. Many children experience test day anxiety at some point, so learn some tips and techniques to help your child manage it from a young age. read more

Accommodations for Memory Difficulties

Accommodations for Memory Difficulties read more

ADD, Anxiety, and Socialization Problems

Use of regular punishment (like being "on the wall" when others are playing) is unlikely to change a child's behavior in a positive manner. read more

ADD, Low IQ, and Reading

A mother seeks help for her son with ADD, a low IQ, and reading difficulty. read more

ADD: The Challenge for Parents and Siblings

ADD: The Challenge for Parents and SiblingsThe treatment of an ADD child begins in the healing home--not at school, not at the psychologist's or doctor's office. If a child's parents and other family members do not invest their time, effort, and love in his treatment, there is very little doctors or teachers can do. A child's response to ADD treatment reflects the family's dynamics. That is not to say a family must be perfect and without conflicts. There are problems in all families, whether they are the Osbournes or the Osmonds. read more

ADHD and Bad Behavior

Find out what our expert suggests for a seven-year-old with ADHD who's having problems with talking out of turn and back talking. read more

ADHD and Classroom Punishment

A 17-year-old with ADHD asks whether the punishment his teacher gives him is fair. read more

ADHD and Emotional Development

A mother seeks advice on how to help her seven-year-old, who has ADHD, a seizure disorder, and delayed emotional development. read more

ADHD and Mentally Disabled

Read some suggestions on how to help a child who is mentally disabled and ADHD. read more

ADHD and Problems with Math Computation

Read what you can do to help a child with ADHD who is bright, but believes that she "can't do math." read more

ADHD and Summer Reading

Find some tips for helping reluctant readers with ADHD. read more

ADHD and Visiting Relatives

When the relatives are coming to visit, find out how to prepare them for dealing with your child with ADHD. read more

ADHD, Guilt, and Self-Esteem

Find out where parents of a child with ADD can go to share resources and experiences. read more

ADHD, Organization, and Study Skills

Find suggestions and resources to help a child with ADHD get back on track in school. read more

ADHD: An Age-by-Age Guide

ADHD: An Age-by-Age Guide The Early Years read more

ADHD: Establishing Routines

ADHD: Establishing Routines One of the first steps in reducing household chaos is to establish routines. That means determining what situations occur regularly and then establishing a structure or sequence to be repeated every single day. Routines mean repetition and repetition means practice. Practice allows a child to become proficient (or at least better) at completing the basic requirements by himself. This is helpful to all children, essential for some. read more

ADHD: School Issues and Interventions

ADHD: School Issues and InterventionsIn the elementary years, AD/HD usually causes these problems: read more

Advice for a Teen with ADD

Parents and educators who set high expectations and give encouragement and assistance to a child with ADD help him to develop confidence and skills. read more

Borderline ADD

A parent who wants to help her child perform better academically -- and avoid medication for ADD -- seeks advice. read more

Building Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are critical for children with ADHD or LD. read more

Child with ADHD Is Always in Trouble

Read what an expert advises the parents of a child with ADHD who is always in trouble. read more

Child with ADHD Is Failing

Learn how to identify whether ADHD is getting in the way of your child's learning, and what steps to take next. read more

Child with ADHD Will Have Multiple Teachers

Find out what you can do to ease the transition of your ADHD child to a new teaching situation. read more

Choosing Classes for a Student with ADD

It is especially critical to enroll a student with ADD in the level that will teach him organizational skills. read more

Dad Doesn't Believe in LD

A mother wants to help her son with LD and ADHD, but her husband doesn't believe that LD exists and won't give the boy ADHD medication. read more

Daughter with ADHD Tormenting Younger Brother

At age 14, many teens demonstrate this type of behavior with their younger siblings. read more

Dealing with ADHD: One Woman's Story

Dealing with ADHD: One Woman's Story My own experience with special needs has been learning to cope with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). My older daughter was always different from other children her age. Of course, as her mom, I always viewed her as being interesting, creative, and more fun than other children. I still do. But all the while, she was coping with undiagnosed ADHD. read more

Dealing with Hyperactive/Impulsive Behavior

Dealing with Hyperactive/Impulsive Behavior Living with a hyperactive/impulsive child is extremely difficult. These guidelines will help. Impose the necessary structure (rules, expectations, limits/boundaries, positive and negative consequences, organization, etc.) that is absolutely crucial to the management, well-being, and success of your child. read more