popular topics in advanced math

  • Puzzles Printables
    Moving Around with Logic
    This printable requires the use of some logic to solve a math puzzle about four friends. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Logic in the Enchanted Kingdom
    Your kids will increase their understanding of the concept of logic with this Enchanted Kingdom printable. ...
  • tampering-with-triangles
    Puzzles Printables
    Tampering with Triangles
    This printable will teach your kids about the different types of triangles, and put their knowledge to the test with simple problems. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Geometry Game
    Keep the kids busy with this geometry puzzle, which asks them to see which shapes can be folded into square boxes. ...
  • Word Searches Printables
    Geometry Word Search
    This printable will help your kids learn about geometry terms, while finding them in a word search. ...
  • General Math Printables
    Home Activities: Probability
    FutureFit Extension Activity Investigate Substitute the game of Tic Tac Toe for the card draw model example in the worksheet, and have students use the formulas in the worksheet to calculate on a move-by-move basis how likely Xs or Os are to win ...
  • General Math Printables
    Printable Protractor
    This printable protractor can be cut out and used by students during geometry class and other math lessons where measurement of angles is needed. Students can use this as a resource for measuring angles in school and at home. This is meant for us...
  • Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume
    General Math Printables
    Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume
    Must-have printable for all geometry and math classes! Use this page of diagrams and formulas for finding the perimeter, area, and volume of geometric shapes. Your students can use this as a resource throughout the year to complete a variety of ...
  • General Math Printables
    Patterns in Geometry (Grades Pre-K-2)
    try to determine the pattern in groups of geometric shapes. ...
  • School and Learning
    Logical-Mathematical Quick Tips
    Logical-Mathematical Quick TipsChances are a child who enjoys playing math computer-games or conducting experiments in the backyard will also be interested in: Going to science museums. Using the nutritional information on food labels to help yo...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Math Activities
    Logical-Mathematical Gift-Boosting Activities
    Logical-Mathematical Gift-Boosting Activities How many parents have said, "I'm just not good at math?" How many girls are still told math is out of their league? Math and logical thinking are the cornerstones of our technological society, not to ...