popular topics in 5th grade

  • Word Scrambles Printables
    State Your Name Word Scramble
    This printable will help kids build their knowledge of states and their nicknames. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Party Puzzle
    This printable asks kids to think of a word that best fits each description, in order to answer the party riddle. ...
  • General Math Printables
    Printable Protractor
    This printable protractor can be cut out and used by students during geometry class and other math lessons where measurement of angles is needed. Students can use this as a resource for measuring angles in school and at home. This is meant for us...
  • Color by Letter or Number Printables
    Pointy Puzzle
    In order to answer the riddle in this printable, kids must color in the shapes that have the letters P-O-I-N-T-Y. ...
  • Word Scrambles Printables
    Constipation Word Search
    This printable challenges kids to see how many words they can form out of the word C-O-N-S-T-I-P-A-T-I-O-N. ...
  • tampering-with-triangles
    Puzzles Printables
    Tampering with Triangles
    This printable will teach your kids about the different types of triangles, and put their knowledge to the test with simple problems. ...
  • Crossword Puzzles Printables
    Leftovers Riddle
    In order to answer the riddle, kids must fill in the crossword puzzle on this printable. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    On a Treasure Hunt
    Print this out and ask your kids to help solve this math mystery and recover a lost treasure! ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Measuring Your ZZZ's
    Kids can practice their measuring and ruler skills with this printable, which asks them to solve a math riddle. ...
  • Crossword Puzzles Printables
    Monster Mash
    Keep the kids busy and entertained with the monstrous word puzzles in this printable. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Geometry Game
    Keep the kids busy with this geometry puzzle, which asks them to see which shapes can be folded into square boxes. ...
  • Spanish Language Printables
    Around the World
    This printable will give your children practice with their map and Spanish skills. ...
  • Travel Games Printables
    Wackier Word Play
    Keep your children busy with these great dictionary word and synonym games. ...
  • Writing Printables
    Write Your Own Poem
    Build your language skills by writing your very own poem using preselected terms. ...
  • Word Searches Printables
    Geometry Word Search
    This printable will help your kids learn about geometry terms, while finding them in a word search. ...
  • Vocabulary Printables
    The Changing Earth: Family Activity
    Suggest a family activity to parents that focuses on the changing Earth and vocabulary words related to Earth. ...
  • School and Learning
    5th Grade Milestones and Obstacles
    Academic Interest
    Fifth-graders often need to see the relevance of something before they are ready to show interest. ...
  • Family Life
    Getting Organized
    Struggling Fifth-Grader
    Here's expert advice on how to help your child get organized. ...


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