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4th Grade Social Studies

Fourth-grade social studies focuses on different eras in history and how to read different types of maps.

Communities Worksheet

Children will use the internet to find things that help make a community. read more

Ex-Presidents Send Letters of Regret

Children can read letters written by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, which inform two American cities that the men will not be able to attend their Fourth of July ceremonies. read more

If the Declaration of Independence Kept a Diary

Use this printable to teach children about some of the historical events that the Declaration of Independence would have noted, if it kept a diary! read more

Social Studies in Fourth Grade

Social Studies in Fourth Grade read more

When Did Your State Enter the Union?

Use this printable to teach children when each state entered the union. read more

World Geography: Sequences

This worksheet asks children to determine how four geographical locations are related to one another. read more

World Geography: Something's Wrong Here

Children explore geography by re-writing incorrect sentences. read more

World Geography: Which Doesn't Belong?

Select which geographical location does not belong in a certain group. read more