• Word Scrambles Printables
    Fertilizer Word Puzzle
    This printable asks kids to fit the puzzle pieces into the correct spaces to see what the farmers are saying. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Odor Rhyme
    This printable asks kids to choose words from the list to complete the rhyme in praise of dirty socks. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Vomit Vocab
    See if your kids can figure out the picture puzzles and word equations about vomit in this printable. ...
  • Image Searches Printables
    Dumpster Search
    This printable challenges kids to find all the listed items in the trash and the rhyming word puzzle. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Magic Squares
    Print out these popular math puzzles and keep the kids busy with games that are similar to Sudoku. ...
  • Crossword Puzzles Printables
    Wild Weather
    Your kids can learn more about the weather and climate with these word puzzles. ...
  • Crossword Puzzles Printables
    Snow Day
    Keep the kids busy and entertained on snow days with this snow-day printable. ...
  • Matching Games Printables
    Creepy Crawlies
    Your kids can learn more about bugs by playing the matching games in this printable. ...
  • Grammar Printables
    "Fill in the Blank" Verse for Kids
    Kids can print out and use this fill-in-the-blank sheet to create a poem. ...
  • School and Learning
    Reading Comprehension
    Expert Tips on Improving Your Child's Reading Comprehension
    What can you do at home to help your child with reading comprehension? ...
  • School and Learning
    3rd Grade Language Arts
    Language Arts in Third Grade
    Language Arts in Third GradeWhat Kids Should Learn in Reading In the area of reading, the teacher's principle goal is that the children view reading as central to learning and as a source of endless information and enjoyment. The teacher also wa...
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