• Counting Printables
    Family Portrait
    See if you can you find a dozen differences between the two family portraits in this printable. ...
  • Counting Printables
    Family Reunion
    Look through this family reunion printable to see if you can find all the "hugs" and objects listed. ...
  • Counting Printables
    Good Night!
    See if you can find the seven monsters and the three "monster" words in this printable. ...
  • School and Learning
    Timed Math Tests in First Grade?
    Are timed math tests appropriate in first grade? Read what this expert says. ...
  • School and Learning
    1st Grade Math
    Mathematics in First Grade
    Mathematics in First GradeAs in kindergarten, mathematics in grade one is more concrete than abstract. Children's work consists not of hundreds of worksheets with problems such as 2+2=__ but of manipulating buttons and other objects, seeing patte...
    Vito Perrone