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1st Grade Math

Help children in first grade understand how numbers work by giving them real objects to work with, such as blocks and beads, as well as these printable games.

Addition and Subtraction at Home

These math games are perfect for children to play at home so they can improve their skills in addition and subtraction. read more

Addition Practice

Children practice making a variety of number sentences that total 12. read more

Class Vote for Favorite Season

Children practice reading a pictograph by surveying the favorite seasons of their classmates. read more

Counting Zero

Children identify which objects are missing to learn the number zero. read more

Cozy Cats

See if you can find all 19 of the listed items hidden in the cuddly kitties printable. read more

Curious About Math?

Develop addition skills with this Curious George math activity. read more

Decision Making

Children must use logic to answer word problems. read more

Explore Addition with Fish

By drawing fish in bowls and sorting them, children can write math stories. read more

Family Portrait

See if you can you find a dozen differences between the two family portraits in this printable. read more

Family Reunion

Look through this family reunion printable to see if you can find all the "hugs" and objects listed. read more

Find the Sum

Children practice adding objects in the multiple choice printable. read more

Good Night!

See if you can find the seven monsters and the three "monster" words in this printable. read more

Make a Table

Children use a table to solve addition problems. read more

Mathematics in First Grade

Mathematics in First GradeAs in kindergarten, mathematics in grade one is more concrete than abstract. Children's work consists not of hundreds of worksheets with problems such as 2+2=__ but of manipulating buttons and other objects, seeing patterns, and understanding the various uses of quantitative concepts. In this sense children use math in the course of working with science, cooking, health, social studies, reading, and writing. read more

Missing Parts Through 10

Subtraction practice is the focus of this worksheet. read more

Odd and Even Color Coding

Children are asked to color-code numbered boxes by whether they are odd or even. read more

Shell Collection

Study the printable picture to answer the questions about Margaret and Angela's shell collection. read more

Something Fishy

These pets are acting shy. Can you find the 11 fish that are hiding in this tank? read more

Timed Math Tests in First Grade?

Are timed math tests appropriate in first grade? Read what this expert says. read more

Toy Graph

By polling friends, children can make a bar graph about everyone's toys. read more

Ways to Make 10

Children choose number pairs that total 10. read more

Ways to Make 11 and 12

Children complete a number search of addition combinations for 11 and 12. read more

Ways to Make 4 and 5

Children create a table of all of the ways to make 4 and 5. read more

Where Do They Fit?

Children estimate where different-sized objects will fit in a bookcase. read more