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    Literacy Facts
    Long Live Literacy!
    Where would the three "R's" be without literacy? Take our quiz and learn the facts about reading and writing. ...
  • Puzzles Printables
    Scientist Search
    This printable asks kids to figure out what the scientist said when he created a smelly monster. ...
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    Reading Difficulties
    Young Readers and Oral Expression
    Here are exercises you can do at home to strengthen your child's oral reading skills. ...
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    1st Grade Language Arts
    First-Grade Writer's Block?
    How can you help your early writer come up with writing topics? ...
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    Reading Assessments
    First Grader's Reading Level
    According to our expert, there is no reading level that a first grader should be at when school year begins. ...
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    1st Grade Language Arts
    Language Arts in First Grade
    Language Arts in First GradeWhat Kids Should Learn about Listening and Speaking The oral aspects of language continue to be seen as important. Children listen to more stories, but the stories are also more complex and feature greater intensity o...
    Vito Perrone