Top 10 Frozen Treats


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Those scorching summer days can be pretty sluggish. Beat the heat with these tasty frozen treats that are sure to cool you down and keep you energized.
Frozen Grapes
Grapes are a nutritious and juicy treat. Add a cool twist by freezing the little buggers. Make sure to use red grapes (green grapes freeze completely solid, making them almost impossible to eat). Rinse, dry, and remove grapes from stems. Place in a bowl and freeze. For an extra sweet touch, place frozen grapes in a zip-lock bag, add a packet of Jell-O powder, shake, and serve.
Frozen Watermelon Pops
Watermelon pops are no sass snacks that are healthy and sure to cool your kids off during the hot summer days. Slice up chunks of watermelon, skew with Popsicle sticks or chopsticks, freeze, and enjoy.
Frozen Juice Pops
Frozen Juice Pops
Juice pops are simple and sweet summer treats for everyone. If you don't have Popsicle Tupperware, just pour your child's favorite juice into an ice tray, add toothpicks, and freeze. Kids can pop these out for a nutritious cool-down any time.
This tart and tangy treat is sure to jump-start your taste buds on those hot summer days. Sorbet is made with real fruit and is a great dessert choice for the lactose-intolerant, and for anyone who likes icy, fruity desserts.
Italian Ice
Italian Ice
Italian ice is a frozen goody that is low in cholesterol and fat, but high in flavor! Next time you're out in the summer sun with the kids, take five, and re-energize with this cool-textured treat.
Frozen Chocolate Banana
Better than the same old ice cream sandwich, these cool and creamy chocolate banana treats are perfectly delicious. A little bit of fruit and a little bit of sweetness make this the ultimate summertime sensation. Click here for the recipe.
Ice Cream
Nothing cures a summer craving like ice cream. Whether you choose to go with sherbet, fro-yo, custard, or Philadelphia-style ice cream, it all goes down the right pipe. Cool, sweet, and creamy, a good ol' ice cream cone hits the spot on those hot summer days.
Frozen Fruit Bars
Fruit bars are a light and healthy treat for those summer scorchers. You can find them in the freezer section at your local market, or you could make your own. If you have Popsicle Tupperware, all you need to beat the heat is juice, chopped fruit, and a freezer!
Ice Cream Sandwiches
A traditional favorite, ice cream sandwiches don't have to be full of fat and guilt. Control what goes in your sweet treats by making them at home. Bake your favorite low-fat cookies and choose your favorite ice cream. Scoop ice cream between two cool cookies, scrape the edges clean, and place in a plastic baggy to freeze. In a couple of hours you have yourself a homemade, crunchy, and creamy cool-down!
Frozen Strawberry Treat
This low-fat frozen strawberry snack is the perfect cure for a hot summer day. It takes no time to make and will disappear even quicker! Click here for the recipe.