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  • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

    I got this recipe from my mom, who got it from a friend, whose daughter found it from another source. In other words, it has been passed from person ... read more

  • Go Bananas

    These sweet treats are one of my favorite ways to have dessert without any guilt. Frozen bananas turn creamy, almost ice cream-like, and when you dip... read more

  • Gone bananas

    Every now and then my husband does something crazy and spontaneous like bringing home a giant bag of grocery store bananas he only paid eighty cents f... read more

  • Coconut Smoothie Treats

    Treats in our house range from cupcakes, to stickers but today after my son was incredibly patient at a long OB appointment we celebrated with a "... read more

  • A Big Last

    Parenthood is full of firsts...first smiles, first teeth, first steps, first, first, first. But somewhere along the way, you begin to count the "last... read more

  • Halloween Candy Rice Krispies

    G discovered Rice Krispies, or to be more specific, the Crisp Rice cereal from Trader Joe’s, a couple months ago. Ever since then, he has been a huge... read more

  • Slow Melt Popsicles

    Have you seen or tried slow melt popsicles? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago when a friend of mine had them in her freezer and whipped them out for the... read more

  • Tuesday's Tip: Make Ahead Now

    We’re into Week Two of the Easy Peasy Holiday Kitchen Preparation Tips, and after last week’s tip of “Stock Up Now,” it’s time to consider actually ma... read more

  • Have food, will travel

    I tend to over pack snacks and food items for our trips, whether they be by train, plane, or car. I think this stems back to one trip in particular, y... read more