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Images of a 20-Week Ultrasound Scan

During your ultrasound, a picture of your baby is produced when high-frequency sound waves bounce off your baby and translate into an image on screen. In this image, solid matter, such as bones, are white, while softer tissue appears gray. Areas that contain fluid, such as blood vessels or the stomach, as well as the amniotic fluid, do not respond to the sound waves and therefore appear as black areas on the scan. The sonographer will study these details to assess how your baby is developing in the uterus. read more

Week 20 of Pregnancy

In the next few days, you might feel your baby's movements for the first time. The little flutter can be such a tiny sensation that many women write it off as gas. But what a wonderful moment when you realize the truth! If you want to find out the sex of your baby, it could be revealed on the ultrasound scan you have this week. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

Your baby todayThis image shows the entire baby lying within the amniotic sac. Every finger and toe, and even the lower ribs in the chest, can be seen. Although the head is still quite large, the limbs are much more in proportion with the body. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayYour baby is increasingly using her hands and feet to explore her surroundings. All limbs have a full and unobstructed range of movements and the fingertips especially are extremely sensitive. Most of her movements are reflex responses at this stage. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayThe toes will wiggle and stretch just as much as the hands and fingers. Your baby is extremely flexible at this time and as likely to bring one or both feet up to her mouth as she is her hands in order to explore them with her sensitive mouth and lips. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayThe appearance of your baby's head is still dominated by a prominent forehead due to the rapidly growing brain. The jaw can seem small but as the toothbuds grow and expand within the jaw, it lengthens and changes proportion. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayYour baby often rests against the placenta. This has no effect on the placenta since its surface is protected by the amniotic sac and its composition and blood flow maintain its circulation at all times, leaving your baby free to explore her environment. read more

You are 19 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayYou will become much more aware of your baby moving as her size and strength increase. You will not be aware of the more gentle movements, or those movements that do not hit the side of the uterus. read more

You are 20 Weeks Exactly Pregnant

Your baby todayAlthough your baby may be sucking her thumb, this is a very complex action that is not fully developed at this stage. For this reason, your baby is as likely to put her fingers or toes in her mouth as her thumb. read more