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Guide to The Best Babymoon Destinations for Expecting Couples

Looking for the best babymoon destinations? Check out our top picks for romantic getaways and tips on planning a babymoon.
Guide to The Best Babymoon Destinations for Expecting Couples
Updated: May 9, 2023
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The countdown to your due date is on! But before your little one arrives, you want one last hurrah. This is where the babymoon getaway comes in.

In a few short months, your family is changing from a party of two to a table for three. And while you will take vacations as a family, you might want to plan a babymoon that’s just for you and your partner. 

Are you ready to start your before-the-due-date getaway search? From cool California resorts to adults-only options, parents-to-be can recharge, relax, and enjoy each other’s company in the best babymoon destinations!

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The Best Babymoon Destinations for Every Couple 

A private beach or relaxing spa provides the soon-to-be-parents with the peace, quiet, and rest they may need. Of course, some expectant parents aren’t into this type of trip. If you’re active and outdoorsy, a national park is a better plan. 

Is a secluded private beach the best babymoon? Or, do you prefer busy city streets, fine dining, and museums, or other cultural attractions? See our top babymoon locations for parents-to-be!

Best Luxury Babymoon Hotels 

Parents who are all about filling those pregnancy cravings might want to choose a resort or destination that has an award-winning eatery nearby. 

And those who are into city living might want to choose a five-star hotel with guest rooms that overlook the nightlife of NYC or Los Angeles.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, Miami, Florida 

Now is the time to totally indulge and pamper yourself. And what better way to do so than a stay at the Ritz-Carlton? This ultra-lux hotel has everything you need to rest and recharge. Add on poolside or beachfront private daybed or cabana rental for a little bit of grown-up alone time before baby arrives.

  1. Oheka Castle, Huntington, New York 

Treat yourself like the queen you are with a stay in this New York castle! If a long flight across the Atlantic and leaving the USA aren’t part of your pregnancy plans, this luxury hotel brings Europe to you. As if the castle grounds weren’t enough, this hotel has a fitness center and offers on-site in-room massages.

  1. Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai, California

The Inn’s babymoon package includes a luxury guest room, a 60-minute Expectant Mother’s massage at the Spa Ojai, breakfast for two, and your very own Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw!

Babylon Ideas and Inspiration

Relaxing Babymoon Ideas and All-Inclusive Resorts

1.  The Cliffs Hotel and Spa, Pismo Beach, California 

The “And Baby Makes Three” package provides guests with a romantic all-inclusive getaway. Not only can you enjoy this scenic spot and everything the spa has to offer, the package includes a tote bag with a baby rattle, sparkling cider, handmade “Babycakes” from the resort’s pastry chef, rose petals in your room, $100 dining voucher, and in-room movies.

  1. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, Lahaina, Hawaii

This oceanfront luxury resort is pure paradise. This beautiful babymoon spot boasts a nightly luau, a half-acre pool, a beachfront spa, and nearby attractions such as Whalers Village and Lahaina Harbor.

This dream beach resort babymoon in Maui is all about blue waters, beautiful beaches, and everything you could ask for in a second-trimester trip.

  1. Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina

This Charleston area mansion boasts a babymoon package that has everything from a three-course dinner to a bottle of sparkling cider and a chocolate-covered strawberry turn-down service. 

Your South Carolina babymoon also comes with a couples massage at the mansion’s spa and your very own copy of “Good Night Charleston” to take home for your soon-to-be baby.

  1. Enchantment Resort, Sedona, Arizona. 

Is a visit to Sedona on your bucket list? This resort has a babymoon package that includes daily breakfast, a spa credit, a dining credit, “Sedona Infused” water and a seasonal fruit selection, a Guided Labyrinth Walk Meditation, and a 60-minute Babymoon Celebration at Boynton Canyon.

Unique Babymoon Ideas for Nature-Lovers and Adventurers

  1. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

The Pacific Ocean beauty of Big Sur is undeniable. The Inn offers on-site massages, a heated lap swimming pool, a meditation pool, and complimentary activities such as guided nature walks, morning yoga, forest meditation, an edible garden tour (yum!), a guided art walk, and a sound journey meditation. 

Relaxation at its best for the mom-to-be!

  1.  Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This five-star New England fave has plenty of beachside fun for soon-to-be parents. And for adventurous babymooners, this babymoon destination offers helicopter rides! 

Along with a swimming pool, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a spa, the Chatham Bars Inn stay can also include a drive to the resort’s nearby eight-acre farm. Farm-to-table anyone?

Babymooon ideas and inspiration

Romantic International Babymoon Destinations

  1. Il Sereno, Lake Como, Italy

Voted number one in Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards, this luxury hotel is the ideal vacation spot for a babymoon to Italy! 

If your plan is to head across the Atlantic, this lux hotel on the banks of Lake Como has a spa, boating, cooking classes (for those pregnancy cravings), easy access to shopping, and so much more.

  1. Auberge Resorts, multiple locations  

A private vacation home. Airbnb? Sure, these vacation properties provide a home-like setting for your babymoon trip. But you can step up your getaway game and choose a luxury rental from Auberge Resorts.

These private rentals are available in Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, Mexico, and Europe.

What Is A Babymoon and Should You Take One?

This isn’t your average getaway. Think of the babymoon as a honeymoon for parents-to-be. While you might not have that newlywed bliss factor, you have something new and entirely amazing to celebrate! 

A babymoon can help the mom-to-be get in some much-needed rest before the marathon that is going through labor and childbirth. Babymoons give couples the chance to reconnect, rekindle intimacy and romance and focus on something other than registries, birthing classes, and hospital tours.

Whether you choose an all-inclusive babymoon package or any other of the many babymoon ideas, the top benefits of this adults-only trip include:

Relaxation from pregnancy stress 

If you feel like your days (and nights) are baby, baby, baby all the time, it’s pretty likely that you need some time to relax. Even though pregnancy is a joyous time, it also comes with plenty of stress. 

This couples getaway gives you time to indulge yourself and get in more than just a few minutes worth of rest and relaxation. 

Reconnect with your partner on a romantic getaway 

Has your once-passionate love life and the overwhelming feeling of intimacy you experienced as a new couple fizzled recently? Don’t stress, this happens to lots of couples expecting their first baby!

If months of OB-GYN  appointment reminders and breast pump info have replaced sexy texts now that the baby is on your brain, this quick trip will give the two of you time to reconnect and rekindle the magic!

Enjoy the childless quiet time

In a few short months quiet will become a commodity. A beachfront babymoon, a laid-back trip filled with spa treatments, or the solitude and natural beauty of a national park provide the quiet time that can take you through the rest of your pregnancy and into the first few months of parenthood.

Treat yourself to pregnancy self-care 

Self-care? Your new mommy self may completely forget what this means. When you have someone else to care for 24/7, it isn’t always easy to treat yourself. Indulge in a prenatal massage, sip mocktails poolside, or just get in some good ol’ pampering on this pre-baby trip.

When Should You Take A Babymoon Getaway?

Now that you’re pregnant, travel takes on a whole new meaning. Pregnant women need to consider their health, the health of the unborn baby, and the stage of pregnancy before they book a babymoon. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), most pregnant women can travel safely. And this doesn’t mean only at the beginning of your pregnancy. 

The ACOG notes that women without complications can take trips until their due date nears. But this doesn’t mean you should plan a babymoon without consulting your OB-GYN, nurse midwife, or other medical provider first.

babymoon getaway ideas

Even though you could travel at almost any time of your pregnancy, you may want to plan your getaway in the second trimester between 14 and 28 weeks, according to the ACOG. By mid-pregnancy, your morning sickness may have subsided, your energy may have returned, and you may feel physically comfortable again.

Travel Tips for Planning A Babymoon

Which of the many best babymoon destinations should you choose?

 How should you prep and pack for a beachfront vacation as a mom-to-be? 

And what do expectant parents really need to know about planning the babymoon to end all babymoons?

 If you’re not sure where to start, read on for babymoon ideas and planning tips:

Pick the right time to take your babymoon 

Again, the second trimester is often the best time for pregnant women to travel. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will want to (or could) travel during the 14 to 28-week mark. 

Consider your health, your medical provider’s recommendations, your work schedule, your significant other’s schedule, and how you feel physically before you book a trip.

Consider your mode of transportation and the travel time

The ACOG notes that planes are safe for most pregnant women. But the lower air pressure in the cabin could reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood. Always consult your medical provider before flying while pregnant. 

If your OB-GYN gives the OK for your flight, you will also need to decide if you can comfortably sit in a plane seat. The same goes for a long train or car trip.

Plan for comfort while you travel

An aisle seat on a plane or train can help you to stretch out and stay comfy. If you will drive to your destination, plan a few stops on the way. This gives you time to get up, walk around, eat a snack, and recharge.

Prepare for a possible medical emergency

You don’t want to think of the worst outcome of a babymoon. But emergencies happen. Check out the destination area’s nearest medical facility, ask your OB for healthcare provider recs in the region, and bring important medical documents (including your insurance info) with you.

What Should You Pack for Your Babymoon?

Your medical records and insurance cards aren’t the only things you will need to bring on your trip. Here are some tips on what to pack for your babymoon. 

  • Snacks. Even though morning sickness may seem like a thing of the past, a rocky road trip, a bumpy flight, or a rolling cruise ship travel time could make your tummy do flips again. Pack a few bland snacks to combat queasiness. And bonus, these treats give you the added energy you need to make the most of your trip.
  • Water. Hydration is crucial during your pregnancy. Take along a few bottles of water to stay healthy and hydrated.
  • Comfy shoes. The strappy sandals you bought for your beachfront vacation may hurt your semi-swollen feet on a long walk and your kitten heels may not mesh well with quaint cobblestone streets.
  • Comfy clothes. Comfortable maternity wear doesn’t have to equal sweats and yoga pants. Pack a few cute and comfortable sundresses for a Hawaiian getaway, sweet maternity swimsuits for the beautiful beaches or pool at your fave resort, or a cozy coat for your city trip.

Can You Have A Babymoon After Giving Birth?

Absolutely! Whether you couldn’t fill your bucket list during pregnancy, you weren’t willing to travel out of the country while you were still pregnant, or you just didn’t have time to take this trip, you can wait until after baby’s due date to schedule your couples’ vacation.

Before you book your post-due date babymoon, ask yourself:

  • Do you want to bring your baby with you? While this type of trip won’t have the same feel as a couples’ retreat, it is a first family vacation that you won’t forget.
  • Who will watch your baby? If you don’t plan to bring baby with you, decide who will babysit your little one while you travel.
  • Does the hotel have a sitter? Some boutique hotels offer sitter services for guests.
  • What is your dream destination? You’re no longer pregnant and may not have the same travel restrictions or concerns that you did during your second trimester. This means outside-the-USA options, such as Mexico or Europe are now possibilities.

Do you want to learn more about traveling during pregnancy? Check out our Tips for Traveling While Pregnant!

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