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7 Fun Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These fun Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to get everyone excited about your little bundle of joy! 
7 Fun Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Updated: December 15, 2022
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Growing your family is such an exciting time. If you find out you are pregnant before Christmastime, you can use the opportunity to your advantage! 

There are so many ways that you can announce your pregnancy to your family and friends, and even your spouse. We chose our favorite ideas that are so incredibly cute and fun and will make the whole experience memorable for everyone.

The way that you let your family in on the special news will likely come after you tell your partner. This is why we have come up with perfect ideas for both situations!

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Announcing to the Whole Family 

Announcing to the Whole Family 

These are our favorite Christmas baby announcement ideas for your family!

Custom Christmas Card 

You can use many different apps to create a custom Christmas card for family members and close friends. Or, you could even handwrite one! 

Add a sonogram photo and some fun graphics, and your loved ones will have a keepsake that they can hold onto for years to come.

If your little one has older siblings they can wear shirts that say “big sister” or “big brother” if you choose to include photos.

Fun Post on Social Media 

Not everyone is active on social media but if you are, you can use it to reveal the news to extended family. 

There are so many ways to do this: a fun photo of your baby bump, a pregnancy test, a letter board with the due date, the possibilities are endless! 

However, many pregnant women choose to not share the news of their pregnancy on social media and that’s fine too.

Christmas Photo

Christmas Photo 

Another option is to keep it simple and incorporate your announcement into a Christmas photoshoot. 

There are a lot of different considerations for this route, including where you take your pics. A Christmas tree farm makes an adorable and festive backdrop for a Christmas pregnancy announcement. 

You can even get some pictures with Santa. 

Getting dressed up and taking a photo of you, your partner, and any children you already have is also a cute way to celebrate the news of your bundle of joy as a family, too.

Keepsake Christmas Ornaments 

A pregnancy announcement gift is a fun and thoughtful way to share your news with your loved ones.

An ornament is a great gift that they can hang on their Christmas tree and cherish for years to come. There are many different designs that you can choose from, too. 

Etsy is a great place to find options for custom Christmas ornaments. You can customize colors, fonts, and what you want it to include or say.

Announcing to Your Partner 

Announcing to Your Partner 

If you dying to tell your husband in a cute or fun way, these are perfect options for revealing the big news!

Custom Christmas Onsie 

This is one of the cutest ways to announce to your partner that a new family member is on the way.

Again, Etsy is a great option here because it gives you the most freedom to customize. It’s a heartwarming way to do a pregnancy reveal of your new baby. 

Amazon also has some options for customizations, too. 

Christmas Gift Box 

Christmas Gift Box 

Even if your little one isn’t due in time to be a winter baby, a Christmas gift is still a fun way to surprise your spouse with the news this holiday season. 

Make a gift box including things like positive pregnancy tests, cute booties, baby clothes, and more. It is sure to be the best gift they will receive this holiday season.

Matching T-Shirts or Pajamas 

Making fun t-shirts for you and your husband is an adorable way to tell him that he’s going to be a father.

If you already have children, you can get each of them a new t-shirt as well. He will love how much thought you put into it, and it will make him even more excited about your growing family.

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re pregnant, the holiday season is a great time to tell your family and celebrate together. These fun Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are sure to get everyone excited about your new bundle of joy! 


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