• Pregnant woman have many nutritional needs
    Healthy Pregnancy Diet
    Daily Nutritional Needs for Pregnant Women
    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is of paramount importance during pregnancy to help you deal with the additional demands on your body and to provide your developing baby with essential nutrients. By eating a wide variety of healthy foods, you wil...
  • Pregnancy Super Foods Pinterest Graphic
    Healthy Pregnancy Diet
    12 Pregnancy Superfoods
    What foods should you include in your prenatal diet? Learn 12 pregnancy superfoods to reach for to satisfy cravings and nourish you and your growing baby. More: How Prenatal Diet and Genetics Impact Baby's Health as an Adult ...
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  • Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
    Healthy Pregnancy Diet
    Your Pregnancy Diet
    In recent years, much has been learned about what constitutes a healthy diet in pregnancy. In addition to the importance of nutrients such as folic acid, there is mounting evidence that a person's health may be influenced by the mother's diet in ...
  • Nutrition During and After Pregnancy
    Postpartum Diet
    Your Pregnancy Diet: How Did You Do?
    Your Pregnancy Diet: How Did You Do? Some women go overboard during pregnancy, eating as much as they like of whatever they like. These are the women who say, "It's fine for me to eat this entire jumbo-sized chocolate bar – I'm craving it, so ...