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  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Trimester-by-Trimester Travel Guide
    With extra planning, you can travel during most of your pregnancy. Print out a trimester-by-trimester guide to learn safe travel guidelines when you're in weeks 1-12, 13-25, and 26-40 of pregnancy. ...
  • Oral Health During Pregnancy
    Dental Health During Pregnancy
    Dental Health During Pregnancy
    Pregnant women are more prone to tooth decay (dental caries), bleeding gums, and chronic gum infection (periodontal disease). Poor dental health not only affects you, but can also have an impact on your baby. Studies have linked infection of the ...
  • pregnant woman working at a physically strenuous job
    Things to Avoid While Pregnant
    Heavy Lifting When Pregnant: Physical Labor and Safety
    Women are tough and hard working, and their bodies can perform amazing feats; however, some jobs and tasks may be too physically strenuous for some pregnant women to continue. Too much lifting and standing could lead to preterm labor, low birth w...
    L. Elizabeth Forry
  • Prenatal Beauty Treatment Risks
    Beauty Products and Pregnancy
    Beauty Treatments and Cosmetics -- What's Safe?
    Beauty treatments and cosmetics The following advises which products and treatments are safe in pregnancy. Hair and nail products Shampoos, conditioners, manicures, and pedicures are safe. Minute amounts of hair dye may be absorbed throug...
  • Traveling Safely During Your Pregnancy
    Traveling During Pregnancy
    Traveling in Pregnancy
    Editor's note: Avoid travel to areas affected by Zika virus during pregnancy, and always talk with your doctor about international travel plans well in advance. Provided your pregnancy is normal, going to faraway places is perfectly possible. Ho...
  • Social and Home Habits to Avoid During Pregnancy
    Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
    Lifestyle Hazards to Avoid While Pregnant
    Whether you're pregnant or are planning to conceive, now is the time to do a safety check on your social habits and home and work environment. Anything that could affect your well-being could affect your baby too, especially in the first trimeste...
  • The Danger of Pets During Your Pregnancy
    Things to Avoid While Pregnant
    The Downside of Kitties, Dogs and Turtles During Pregnancy
    Household pets, like cats and dogs, are a part of the family. They give you love and joy, and I'm sure there's no chance they'll be moving out to make room for your baby. But keep in mind that pets can bring more than fun into your home—they br...
  • Avoid Hazardous Workplaces During Pregnancy
    Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
    Pregnant at Work
    It's the legal responsibility of your employer to provide a safe environment. In pregnancy, being aware of your rights can help protect you and your baby.In recent decades, women worried about whether working at a computer screen put their babies...
  • Preexisting Conditions and Pregnancy
    Managing Illnesses During Pregnancy
    Managing Preexisting Illnesses During Pregnancy
    Whether you have a preexisting medical condition, or acquire an illness or infection during pregnancy, always consult your doctor before taking medication or before stopping any prescribed medication.If you have a condition such as high blood pre...
  • Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy
    Foods to Avoid While Pregnant
    Dietary Precautions to Take While Pregnant
    What to avoidDietary precautionsCertain foods should be avoided or their intake limited since they may pose a risk to your unborn baby. Simple cooking and hygiene measures are also important to limit the risks.Listeria is a food-borne bacteria to...
  • Can Stress Affect Pregnancy
    Stress During Pregnancy
    Can Stress Affect Your Pregnancy?
    Stress is a part of life—it has weaseled its way into your schedule before your pregnancy, and it will continue to accompany you throughout your pregnancy. Even when you're pregnant there will still be traffic jams that make you late, inconside...
  • Staying Intimate During Pregnancy
    Sex During Pregnancy
    Sex and Relationships
    In a low-risk pregnancy, sex is perfectly safe, although your levels of desire may fluctuate throughout pregnancy. Most women report that their interest in sex is the same or slightly reduced in the first trimester. In the second trimester, it va...
  • Radiation Protection During Pregnancy
    Things to Avoid While Pregnant
    Radiation Exposure During Pregnancy
    Radiation Exposure During Pregnancy There are two kinds of radiation exposure that pregnant women worry about. The first is called nonionizing radiation, which comes from household appliances such as microwave ovens and TV sets. The second is io...
  • Is it Safe to Perm or Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy
    Beauty Products and Pregnancy
    Hair Dyes and Perms During Pregnancy
    Hair Dyes and Perms During Pregnancy It's hard enough to feel beautiful when you're pregnant, but then along comes the warning that hair dyes and permanents might be harmful to a fetus. This subject causes great debate among hairdressers, docto...
  • Foods to avoid while pregnant
    Alcohol During Pregnancy
    Top 9 Foods and Beverages to Avoid While Pregnant
    Eating for two? Indulging in cravings can be a fun part of your pregnancy, but there are certain precautions to take when it comes to food safety and food-borne illnesses. Before you reach for your next snack or meal, read this list of foods to a...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Consequences of Air Pollution During Pregnancy
    Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
    Air Pollution and Pregnancy
    Air Pollution and Pregnancy If you live in the city, you know you're not breathing the best air around. Cars, trucks, furnaces, and industrial machinery all spew poisonous carbon monoxide into the air. If you breathe in a lot of second-hand smo...
  • Use Water-based Paints When Painting the Nursery
    Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
    Painting During Pregnancy
    Painting During Pregnancy There's something about having a baby that makes many expectant moms want to redecorate, paint rooms, knock down walls, scrape old wallpaper, and refinish floors. Maybe it has something to do with the nesting instinct, ...
  • Avoid Toxic Cleaners During Pregnancy
    Environmental Hazards During Pregnancy
    Housecleaning During Pregnancy
    Housecleaning During Pregnancy Wouldn't it be great to hear that you should not get on your knees and scrub anything during your pregnancy? The truth is that the majority of cleaning products really can't hurt your baby. Still, it's smart to b...