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Exposure to Chickenpox or Rubella During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, chickenpox can lead to pneumonia, and rubella can cause miscarriage or serious problems for your baby. Find out how to avoid contracting these infections and when to contact your doctor.
Chickenpox and Rubella During Pregnancy

Exposure to chickenpox or rubella

Chickenpox in pregnancy can cause problems for the baby and can be severe in a pregnant woman, possibly leading to pneumonia. If you contract rubella for the first time in early pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage or severe problems in the fetus.

  • If you encounter chickenpox, contact your doctor who can check your immunity. If you aren't immune, your doctor may advise an injection to protect you from severe chickenpox.
  • Your rubella status is checked at the start of pregnancy. If you aren't immune, you can be vaccinated after the birth. Meanwhile you need to be extra careful.
  • If you develop chickenpox or suspect rubella because of a rash, contact your doctor immediately, but don't go to the doctor's office, where you may spread the infection to other pregnant women.

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