Uncovering Grandma's Many Talents

There may be a lot you don't know about your grandmother. Find out how you can get to really know her.
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Uncovering Grandma's Many Talents

There is no doubt that a mother's love for her daughter's little one, whether boy or girl, is a reflection of her love for her daughter, adds to a daughter's feelings of acceptance, and is deeply gratifying for both women. But that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Grandma's Unique Mixture

A grandmother is a unique blend of essential and nonessential elements. She…

  • Enriches her grandchild's life with love, affection, support, and a connection to a family history.
  • Is a playful companion, baby-sitter, friend, and confidante.
  • Can act as an intermediary between mother and daughter during difficult times.
  • Can give guidance and advice that sometimes parents are not able to.
  • Has the luxury of spoiling a child without dealing with the consequences.
  • Is often a role model and a figure of female power.
  • Is able to experience the sheer delight of her grandchildren and provide unequivocal acceptance because she is not responsible for them.
  • May have to assume a parent's role by proxy or fulfill emotional and security needs in her granddaughter's life.
  • Can be more concerned about the grandchild's individual needs because there is not that same concern expressed by parents that their children's behavior reflects upon them.
  • Has fewer expectations of her grandchildren than their mother, which makes it easier for the grandkids to feel fully accepted and experience less pressure.
  • Is able to see and evaluate things more clearly.

Proximity, economic considerations, health factors, a daughter and her mother's marital status, and personality traits often determine which of the above roles a grandmother plays in her granddaughter's life. However, as statistics prove, many more grandmothers today are finding themselves fitting into the role as primary caregiver.