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5 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Find some kid-friendly acts of kindness to try with your family!

Teaching our kids about kindness is so important. Like most things we teach our children, we like to do it in hands-on and fun ways. Kindness is no different! Try these acts of kindness that are perfect for little ones.

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Donating to Food Drives

Get a list of food needed for a local food bank and bring your kids shopping. Let them pick out things they think other kids would like to eat and have them tag along to drop off the items.
Boy Picking Out Soup



Bags of Joy

Work with your kids to create bags that have little pick-me-ups for people you know. Fill them with a treat, a drink, and a nice note. You can drop the bags off to friends, family, church members, school teachers, the mail person, etc.
Bags of Joy Kindness Activity



Compliment Cards

Leave cards with nice notes every time you go somewhere. People will love walking through the grocery store or the library and finding a card that says, “Hey You! You Are Really Special.”
Handmade Compliment Card



Pick a Charity

Talk with your kids about choosing a family charity. Look online for recommendations that fit with what is important to them. (For example, maybe it’s hunger, warm coats for the winter, etc.) Have everyone in your family save their change to make a once a year donation.
Jar of Coins Charity Donation



Pay It Forward

Pick a day to spend time with your kids doing kind things for others. Some ideas include bringing a family a meal, washing someone’s car for them, and taking cookies to the fire department. I’ll bet with your kid's imagination, you can come up with lots of great ideas.
Kids with Firefighters


Get creative and let your kids come up with kindness activities they think are important. Whatever it is, as long as you are encouraging thoughtful ideas, you can’t go wrong!

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