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  • Mom Burnout
    Family Life
    Mom Burnout is Real, Here Are 5 Ways to Avoid It
    Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a new mom, a seasoned mom, a mom of one, or a mom of multiples, burnout can affect us all. It’s common for moms of any stage to experience very real mommy burnout regardless of if your little ...
    Jennifer Caffelle
  • pregnant woman holding belly
    Coping With Anxiety During Pregnancy
    Yay, you are pregnant! Folding onesies, picking out the paint color for the nursery, and rubbing away on your swollen belly, blissfully dreaming of kissing your soon to be baby. What a joyous time… or is it? While some women may see a decrease ...
    Brittany McCabe
  • parent, child prepare for test
    Anxiety Disorders
    9 Anxiety-Busters for Kids Taking Standardized Tests
    Test day jitters are striking earlier than ever. In most states, standardized testing aligned with the Common Core begins in second or third grade, but a few states administer standardized tests as early as kindergarten. Many children experience ...
    Erin Dower
  • Teenage girl looking over her shoulder at school
    Mental Health
    Should I Let My Kid Take A Mental Health Day?
    “They didn’t go to school last Thursday. We took a mental health day,” she said to me. “Like, you just stayed home and did nothing as a family?” I asked. “Yeah, exactly,” she responded, as casual as if I had asked how her day was. ...
    HeHe Stewart
  • Practice and teach kids how to practice the ancient art of mindfulness
    Dealing With Stress
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids One the most exciting recent developments in the modern treatment of depression has been the integration of cognitive behavioral principles with insights from an Eastern tradition that goes back many thousands of y...
  • woman letting go of expectations and unnecessary stress who is happier for it
    Mental Health
    Taming Self-Expectations
    Taming Self-Expectations In her "Deep River" women's groups and in her book, Finding the Deep River Within, mental health counselor Abby Seixas offers six core practices for bringing more sanity and soul to women's lives. Practice number four, ex...
  • Teens
    Teenage Behaviors
    Son Blames Parents for His Problems
    A skilled professional therapist/psychologist would never allow or encourage a child to blame his parents for his misfortunes and pain. ...
  • Family Life
    Herbal Remedies
    Herbal Remedies for Depression, Sleeping, and Aging
    Herbal Remedies for Depression, Sleeping, and Aging Are you feeling restless, tense, depressed, or having trouble sleeping at night? Or, maybe you simply want to defy some of the signs of aging. Read on—this section examines some herbs that ma...
  • Family Life
    Dealing With Divorce
    Overcoming Depression after a Divorce
    Overcoming Depression after a Divorce Adding It Up Physicians describe mental health as being able to maintain mental balance during times of emotional stress. If you lose that balance, you may need to get some help to restore it. Don't Go The...
  • Kids
    Understanding Depression
    Understanding Depression Depression is one of the most common and most misunderstood illnesses. Many people think that if they are feeling depressed, they should just be able to get over it by themselves. When depression becomes severe, this isn...
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Fear of the Dark
    Phobia Quiz: Part Two
    Find out the technical names of your fears with this fun quiz! ...
    Shmuel Ross
  • Kids
    What to Do When a Friend Is Depressed
    What to Do When a Friend Is Depressed You know that these school years can be complicated and demanding. Deep down, you are not quite sure of who you are, what you want to be, or whether the choices you make from day to day are the best decisions...
  • School and Learning
    Coping With ADHD
    ADHD and Mentally Disabled
    Read some suggestions on how to help a child who is mentally disabled and ADHD. ...
  • School and Learning
    Facts About Lds
    LD and Depression
    Learn what to do when you suspect depression in your child with LD. ...
  • Close up of young girl looking at camera
    Anxiety Disorders
    How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for the Last Day of School
    How to Prepare Your Anxious Child for the Last Day of School Childhood anxiety has become more pronounced and prevalent in our children. In fact, according to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, one in eight children has an anxiety dis...
    Rebecca Henry, M.A., LMHC
  • Kids
    Former Teacher Worried About Depressed Student
    The best thing this teacher can do is encourage the former student and his parents to seek professional counseling. ...
  • Kids
    Behavioral Problems
    Eleven-Year-Old Is Out of Control
    Our expert recommends comprehensive treatment, including intensive therapy for a troubled 11-year-old. ...
  • School and Learning
    Signs and Symptoms of ADHD
    Five-Year-Old Is ADHD and Oppositional
    Find out what steps to take when your child is exhibiting oppositional-defiant behaviors. ...