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Summer Fun For Moms: 4 Fabulous Mom's Day Out Ideas

Take a little me time this summer and enjoy some of our favorite activities for moms only.
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By: Kelly Sundstrom

Let's face it, the hustle and bustle of day camps, art classes, and swim lessons doesn't always mean summer fun for moms. It's easy to forget to take time for yourself during the summer, and without a doubt, the other moms in your friend circle feel the same way. Take your turn acting as the planner in your mom group by putting together the fantastic mom's day out that everyone wants and needs.

Feel Pampered on a Spa Day

summer fun for moims spa

Photo Credit: Kseniy/Flickr

With little kids running around, it's difficult for most moms to enjoy a luxurious day at a spa, but you can make your friend's dream come true with a little advanced planning. Look for a spa or salon that's large enough to accommodate your group, and find out ahead of time which spa services your friends prefer. Decide on a total spending limit with your mom group that works for everyone's budget. It's a lot of fun to enjoy group pedicures or facials together, and many spas and salons also offer group rates that could help decrease the overall cost of a spa day and allow you to add on additional services.

Plan a Moms-Only Hike

summer fun for moms hike

Photo Credit: Eastern Mennonite University Cross Cultural Program

How about a little summer fun for moms who love the outdoors? If you and your mom circle enjoy getting out in nature, plan a special moms-only hike at a local park, national forest, or green space. Plan ahead by researching the trail you plan to take, and make sure to select a trail with a difficulty rating that suits everyone's ability level. To ensure that all the moms have everything they need for the hike, send out a short checklist with necessary equipment to bring, like a water bottle, sunscreen, a compass, bug repellent, and a snack. Since summer hiking can be hot and sticky, plan to start your hike as early as possible during the cooler morning hours.

Whip up Some Fun With a Group Cooking Class

summer fun for moms cooking class

Photo Credit: thailandplanet/Flickr

As a mom, it's easy to have meal-planning burnout. On your next mom's day out, help your mom friends feel inspired and rejuvenated in the kitchen by planning a group cooking class where they can explore new recipes, discover short-cuts, and learn professional cooking techniques. You can typically find a wide variety of cooking classes at your local recreation center, and many large-chain grocery stores offer group cooking classes, including Whole Foods and Publix. Some classes even provide students with an apron or chef's hat to keep, as well as a storehouse of new recipes to use at home. Call ahead to make sure the class can accommodate the number of people you have, and ask about discounted group rates.

Get Creative at a Painting Party

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Photo Credit: monequ/Flickr

Help your mom friends discover hidden talents they never knew existed by planning a painting party on your next mom's day out. Whether some moms have been painting for years, and other only draw stick people, everyone will leave feeling like an accomplished artist at one of these parties. An art teacher guides the whole class through the entire process of painting the same picture, step-by-step, resulting in a masterpiece that everyone will feel proud to hang on their walls. It's fun, it's creative, and it helps build the self-confidence that all moms need.

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