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  • Kids
    Behavioral Problems
    What to Do About Clothing Battles
    What to Do About Clothing Battles What kids wear, and how they wear it, becomes an issue for many families. I imagine that cave kids battled with their parents about skins (“Grog, leopard skin skirt too short!”). Hair styles, too, have alway...
  • School and Learning
    Hobbies and Interests
    Child Doesn't Like Sports
    Our expert scolds a parent for his attitude towards his son. ...
  • Individuality
    I Did it All By Myself! An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Your Child Life Skills
    Are you preparing your child to be independent? Teaching your child life skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency— it also allows him to feel empowered, works on socialization and reasoning, and helps develop healthy self-est...
    Lindsay Hutton