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  • Mom scolding young boy
    Time-Out Discipline Strategies That Work
    Are your current discipline strategies falling short? Have you tried time-out and it hasn't gone the way you expected? Time-out can be an effective discipline technique when it's performed correctly. Time-out involves placing your child in a bori...
    Rebecca Desfosse
  • Parenting Style
    9 Surprising Ways You Might Be Over-Parenting Your Child
    Is your child a coddled kid and you don't even know it? In today's society, "helicopter parenting," or the tendency for parents to hover and help their child even when they are capable of acting alone, is a growing — and perhaps detrimental —...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Attention Seeking Behaviors
    Discipline Strategies
    How to Handle an Attention-Seeking Child
    A 3-year-old appears happy to have a new little one in the house, but the sudden increase in temper tantrums tells a different story. A ten-year-old feels resentful of her older sister's academic success and the praise she receives for it and beg...
    Sharon Greenthal
  • pouting whiny child
    6 Steps to Cure a Whiny Child
    "But Mo-omm!" Sound familiar? Children whine at all ages, whether you have a toddler who wants a new toy or a teen who wants to stay out an hour past curfew. Having a whiny child on your hands is sure to fray your nerves, so nip this bad habit in...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Kids
    Spanking Leads to Aggression Later in Kids
    Spanking Leads to Aggression Later in KidsCould spanking turn your child into a bully? Recent research shows it might and gives parents another reason to think again before turning to spanking for discipline. Occasional spanking of a 3-year-old c...
    Erin Dower
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    Discipline Strategies
    Five Key Parenting Tools
    Five Key Parenting Tools There are five key parenting tools that will help you lead your child to success. If you study them and continue to strive toward making them work for your family, your child will learn the attributes he needs to succe...
  • Kids
    Avoiding Arguments and Power Struggles with Your Kids
    Avoiding Arguments and Power Struggles with Your Kids"Can I spend the night at Corey's house?" "Not tonight, I'd like you to stay home with us." "I haven't gone to Corey's in over a month." "Not tonight, please." "There's nothing to do here. It's...
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    Discipline Strategies
    Parenting Styles to Emulate and Avoid
    Parenting Styles to Emulate and Avoid After you recognize what your strengths are as a person, you can adapt them to your parenting and create a parenting style of your own. It will be yours, based on your individualism. It will be molded throu...
  • Family Life
    Family Roles
    Are You an Everyday Hero?
    Find out what kind of example you're setting for your kids -- take our quiz! ...
  • Kids
    Discipline Strategies
    What Is Your Approach to Discipline?
    Are your discipline methods strict, lenient, or somewhere in-between? Take our quiz and find out. ...
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    Discipline Strategies
    Seven Ways to Discipline Effectively
    Seven Ways to Discipline Effectively Let's start with the effective big seven -- the most effective, kindest, most positive disciplinary techniques out there. These are the ones you should be using. Here they are, in alphabetical order (so you ...
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    Discipline Strategies
    What's Your Discipline Style?
    Are you too tough or too easy on your child? Take our quiz and find out your discipline style. ...
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    Family Rules
    House Rules and Your Four-Year-Old
    House Rules and Your Four-Year-Old Just because your four-year-old has begun moving toward self-discipline doesn't mean she's there yet. She still needs you to set certain limits, remind her of rules, and correct misbehavior. Again, your child ...
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    To Spank or Not to Spank?
    To Spank or Not to Spank? What exactly do you teach your child when you spank him or hit him for an act of misbehavior? Does it teach your child not to hit under any circumstances? Or does it teach not to hit anyone unless he's much bigger than...
  • Kids
    Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea
    Why Spanking Is a Bad Idea Spanking is a mild form of corporal punishment. The American Academy of Pediatrics (as well as many, many child development experts) strongly opposes ever striking a child. Whether or not parents believe in spanking th...
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Disciplining Toddlers
    Have a Positive Influence on Your Toddler's Behavior
    Have a Positive Influence on Your Toddler's Behavior Bribes and rewards, punishments and threats don't work at this age. So if you want your toddler to behave in a certain way, you'll have to resort to trickery (though some might call it "guida...
  • Kids
    Should Toddlers Ever Be Punished?
    Should Toddlers Ever Be Punished? Most actions that a toddler takes that might warrant punishment in an older child are things that she cannot help doing. By nature, toddlers are curious about things, explore them, and experiment with them. So ...
  • Behavior Checklists and Charts Printables
    Time-Out Chart
    Print out and use this chart to keep a record of your child's time-outs. ...