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  • Gifts
    8 Imaginative Holiday Gifts for Kids
    In a world filled with commercialized toys and violent video games, providing your children with toys that encourage imaginative play can help you preserve their innocence and help develop their creativity. This holiday season, look for creative ...
    Kelly Sundstrom
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    Best Toys
    Top 10 Developmental Toys for Children with Special Needs
    When your child has special needs, you want to do everything you can to help him learn and grow. The good news is, learning time can be play time, too. Whether your child is physically or learning disabled, or you would just like to work on his d...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • 5-Year-Old Write Backward
    Cognitive and Psychological Development
    I Need Help! My Five-Year-Old Writes Backward
    Is it normal for a kid to write backward, especially when they're learning? Our expert weighs in on this grandmother's concern. ...
  • School and Learning
    Reading Assessments
    Is My Child a Good Reader?
    Take this quiz to discover your child's strengths and weaknesses in reading. ...
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    Brain Function
    The Brain and Learning Quiz
    How much of our brain capacity do we actually use? What does it mean to be "right-brain"? Some of these answers will surprise you! ...
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    Brain Function
    Multiple Intelligences: The Many Ways We're Smart
    Do you think you know a lot about intelligence? We challenge you to take our quiz. ...
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    Child Who Talks to Himself
    A child who adopts behavior such as talking to himself is probably not in any real trouble, but it's worth exploring why. ...
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    Raising Boys: The Value of Curiosity
    Raising Boys: The Value of Curiosity It isn't easy being a parent. You undoubtedly feel fatigued and stressed at least some of the time; raising your son is almost certainly not the only thing on your daily agenda. Sometimes all you really want ...
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    Math and Science Do Matter for Girls
    Math and Science Do Matter for Girls Throughout the past decades, society has expected boys to excel in the "harder" classes (science and math) and girls in the "easier" ones (language and social studies). The fact is all areas of study can be ...
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    The Artist or Crafts Enthusiast
    The Artist or Crafts Enthusiast Not every girl likes chasing after a ball or cycling her heart out. Many enjoy various forms of arts or crafts activities. They may be content to sit in the den and doodle, sketch, or write. Or they fashion obje...
  • kids being creative using apps
    Mobile Apps
    10 Best Creative Apps for Kids
    Foster your child's creative side during tech time! Check out these top-rated art, music, imagination-play, and creative-thinking apps for kids of all ages. ...
    Erin Dower
  • Learning Disabilities Printables
    Characteristics Checklist for Asperger's Syndrome: Cognitive Issues
    Print out and use this checklist to help in an initial diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome in your child. You can find more checklists on Asperger's syndrome here. ...
  • School and Learning
    Inventions We'd Rather Not See
    Inventions We'd Rather Not See Required: Your time only The world of science and engineering brings us all kinds of great and useless things. But what about the truly useless or silly things that haven't been invented yet? Here are some ideas to...
  • Kids
    Finding Your Inner Genius: The 10 Steps to Creativity
    Finding Your Inner Genius: The 10 Steps to Creativity I happen to know you're a genius. It's true. It's always been true. You just forgot. We all have some kind of genius, but for many of us, life experiences, whether at home, in school, or in t...
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    Cognitive and Psychological Development
    10 Ways to Nurture Ambition in Children
    10 Ways to Nurture Ambition in Children Encourage them -- Someone has to be President. If your child wants to do something remarkable, don't rubbish the idea. Encourage them to work out how they could make it happen. Challenge them -- Wrapping ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Memory Games
    Visualization Game
    Visualization GameMaterials Assorted objects Tray Tea towel Small sack Paper and pencil Directions Collect ten to twenty small common objects, e.g., safety pin, spoon, eraser, watch, comb, button, ring, thumb tack, clothespin, key, cork, stamp, e...
  • School and Learning
    Ld Signs and Symptoms
    Common Developmental Delays
    Common Developmental Delays Developmental delays range from very mild to severe. Say your two-year-old isn't making circular scribbles when all the other children in day care are, yet she has developed her other fine motor skills. She may be scri...
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    Expression Versus Catharsis
    Expression Versus CatharsisWe want children to express themselves, but we don't want them to react and confuse creation with catharsis. Catharsis is not creation; it is only a release of pressure. When children paint in a cathartic way, they pain...