• School and Learning
    Supporting Your LD Child
    Behavior Management Techniques and ADHD
    Learn some behavior modification techniques and ways to give positive reinforcement to a child with ADHD. ...
  • Kids
    Behavior Modification
    Counseling for Child with ADD?
    A mother wants to know whether behavioral modification strategies can work without seeing a professional. ...
  • child in time out
    Parent/Child Relationships
    Essential Rules of Parenting: Discipline Do's and Don'ts
    I don't know about you, but I don't like the word "discipline." It implies telling off, punishment, even (heaven forbid) beating. Children should be seen and not heard-all that stuff. Actually though, after you get over the word itself, it's a ha...
  • Kids
    Behavior Modification
    Son Confesses Mistakes
    When a child confesses to misbehavior, he should know that your disapproval does not threaten your love for him. ...
  • School and Learning
    ADHD Treatments
    Behavior Modification Instead of Medication?
    Will a child with ADHD eventually outgrow or learn to handle himself through behavior modification, rather than medication? ...
  • Kids
    Nervous Habits
    Head Rocking
    Head rocking is a relatively common activity between three and four years of age. Find out what to do if it persists. ...
  • Behavior Checklists and Charts Printables
    Steps for Changing Behavior
    Use this worksheet to get started on the path toward improving your child's behavior. ...
  • School and Learning
    Talking in Class
    First Grader Talking in Class
    A mother seeks information about behavior modification techniques to help her talkative son. ...
  • Kids
    Preteen and Tween Sleep
    Morning Blues
    Tips on what to do when your child consistently wakes up unhappy in the morning. ...