5 Fun and Silly Kid Pranks

Keep your kids laughing with these 5 friendly pranks you and your kids can pull on each other.
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5 Fun and Silly Kid Pranks

Two Laughing Little Girls on Bed

We love having fun at home, and pulling a kind-hearted prank here and there keeps everyone laughing. Our kids love goofing off and have so much fun pranking mom and dad. Here are some friendly pranks you and your kids can pull on each other.

Blue Water Prank

Put some blue gel food dye on a cotton swab, and wipe it on the underside of the sink faucet. When the kids go to wash their hands, the water will come out blue!
Blue Water Prank for Kids

Silly Sleeping Face

Use an easy to remove, washable marker to draw on your kid's face while he is asleep. Add a silly mustache or goofy eyebrows. So funny!
Sleeping Boy with Silly Face Drawn On In Marker

Phone Swap

Change the language on your child's phone or tablet. (Make sure you know how to change it back though!) Or, change the name that Siri calls your child on her phone. For example, you can change her nickname to be "1111111111111." Oh the silliness!
Close Up of a Child's Flip Phone

Frozen Breakfast Cereal

Pour a bowl of cereal as usual and pop it in the freezer overnight. When your kids wake up in the morning and ask for breakfast, they will giggle when they go to scoop a bite and realize it's frozen.
Bowl of Frozen Cereal for Kids

Balloon Pillow

Secretly remove a pillow from the pillowcase and replace it with balloons. The kids will think it's so funny to feel balloons under their head!
Little Girl with Balloons in Her Pillow

We love pranks at home because it really does emphasize how fun parenting can be! Don't let LIFE get in the way of a good time today.

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