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8 Scrumptious Easter Brunch Recipes

Are you hosting Easter brunch but aren't sure what to serve? These kid-friendly Easter brunch recipes are sure to impress. Enjoy! French Toast Casserole read more

Breakfast Benefits

Breakfast BenefitsBreakfast has been called the most important meal of the day, and with good reason. While every meal counts toward good nutrition, the facts are on the table: Eating in the morning has positive effects on health and on kids' ability to learn. What's a nutritious breakfast? A meal consisting of foods from at least two of the five food groups is healthiest, but the truth is that noshing on nearly any food in the morning is better than none, especially when it come to kids. read more

Conversation Starter: What Do People Eat for Breakfast Around the World?

Many of us eat cereal, toast, or pancakes for breakfast, but did you know that children in other countries may have entirely different kinds of food in the morning? read more

Never Start the Day Hungry: Easy and Cheap Breakfasts for Kids

Never Start the Day Hungry: Easy and Cheap Breakfasts for Kids Did your child eat breakfast this morning? In today's busy world, about 1 in 10 younger kids and 3 in 10 teenagers are skipping the first meal of the day. But with several easy and affordable breakfast options, no child should have to start the day hungry. National School Breakfast Week, the second week in March (March 5-9, 2012), is a time to recognize breakfast and its benefits, and to commit to feeding kids a nutritious first meal of the day, whether at home or at school. read more

Quick (and Easy!) Weekday Breakfast Ideas

Need good breakfast ideas for you and your family? Of course you do! When you start the day with a healthy breakfast, you are building a foundation for healthier eating all day long. read more

Son Won't Eat Breakfast

Is there something you should do when your child won't eat breakfast? read more