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Romance and Sex

Spark the romance and get your sex life back on track with your partner.

6 Tips to Avoid Hurt Feelings on Valentine's Day

Whether your kids are on cloud nine or down in the dumps, Valentine's Day can offer you and your family a great chance to talk about fairness, feelings, and the pleasure of giving and receiving. These six tips are geared toward kids ages 6 to 12, and will help you get the conversation started. read more

6 Tips to Help Your Marriage Survive a New Baby

Having a baby is wonderful, but it can (and will!) put a whole slew of new stresses on your relationship with your partner. When the going gets tough, follow these tips to help your marriage survive those stressful newborn months. read more

Breaking Out of Your Relationship Rut

Breaking Out of Your Relationship Rut If your life is not going the way you would like it to, it may just be time to reevaluate things. You have to be objective about the situation. Begin by being honest with yourself about your own role in the relationship. After all, you're not the only one with fantasies that aren't being fulfilled. Sweats and T-shirts may be comfortable and functional but they will not put us on the cover of any magazines. read more

Finding Time to Be a Wife

Finding Time to Be a Wife Essential Don't forget to treat your body well! Consider a manicure, pedicure, or massage to give yourself a boost and help you feel attractive. Often these simple things can be very helpful in getting your healthy body image back. You haven't lost it forever; it's just hidden. read more

From the Sandbox to First Love

From the Sandbox to First LoveKids need to show and receive affection from the time they're born. As they grow older, they learn to demonstrate their affection in different ways. From a toddler's sudden hug to a teen's proposal of marriage to his first love - learn about the stages of emotions your children go through at different ages. Preschoolers Preschoolers love to imitate their parents. They are quick to hug and kiss a friend or preschool classmate -- just like Mommy hugs and kisses Daddy. read more

Hot Date Ideas

Hot Date Ideas Some great dates are free, and others cost more than your weekly dating budget. If there is something the two of you want to do that exceeds your budget, all you have to do is plan for it. Let's say that you have a budget of $25 a week for your dates and there is a beautiful romantic restaurant you have always wanted to try that will probably cost $100 for the meal. You've always pushed aside the idea of going there. But you can get there and stay within your budget. read more

Obstacles to a Great Sex Life

Obstacles to a Great Sex Life The responsibilities you face as a married couple can be overwhelming and exhausting. You might be working long hours, be concerned about your child who is sick, or be worried about meeting your budget this month. Making the transition to having fun is difficult when you have a lot on your mind. You need to allow yourself to put aside your day-to-day worries and focus on each other. read more

Plan to Have Good Sex

Plan to Have Good Sex Think Twice Don't be shy! As in every type of communication, letting your spouse know what your needs are is critical for him or her to be able to provide what you need. The same is true for your sexual relationship. You need to let your spouse know what feels good to you and find out what he or she needs as well. The Spice RackWhen you plan ahead to be intimate with your spouse you have the added benefit of anticipation! read more

Reigniting Passion

Reigniting Passion Would you want to settle for a ho-hum life of working, watching TV, paying the bills, eating, and going to sleep? Probably not. Life just wouldn't be satisfying if we were to just get by. What we want, what we crave, is passion. Passion for our work, for activities in our down time, and, most importantly, passion for our spouse. Many people describe their relationship by saying, “I think I still love him, but the passion is gone.” Fortunately, this is usually not true, even when it seems to be. read more

Rekindling Romance in Five Minutes or Less

Rekindling Romance in Five Minutes or Less The key to keeping the flames burning is keeping romance alive. Now that you have your attention more divided because you're a mommy, you're going to have to adapt. Don't panic, mommies are good at adapting. You're going to be no different. read more

Romantic Couples in Literature

by Maya Cohen Do you prefer fictional romance to the real thing? If so, snuggle up this Valentine's Day with some seductive stories, and immerse yourself in tales of literary love. read more

Romantic Couples Through the Ages

by Maya Cohen Who says romance is dead? These dynamic duos have kept love alive throughout history. This Valentine's Day see if you and your sweetie stack up to these amorous couples, and revive your appreciation for your other half by taking a lesson in love. read more

The Different Ways Spouses View Sex

The Different Ways Spouses View Sex Sex tends to be a more of an emotional issue for women and more of a physical issue for men. While this is obviously not a hard and fast rule, there is a certain truth to it. The Spice Rack Developing intimacy with your spouse is an ongoing process. Over the years, the trust that develops from good communication and patience will lead to sexual harmony. For Women Only The following is a list of things that women need to keep in mind: read more

TV Couples Quiz

How much do you know about famous TV couples throughout history? Test your knowledge here! read more

Valentine Rejection

Valentine RejectionKids can be mean. Really mean. Especially when egged on by peers. I know because of what I did to Billy M. in seventh grade. This Valentine's Day, share my story with your child and then ask her how she could have handled the situation better. Maybe it will prevent one more fragile heart from breaking. read more

Valentine's Day Fun Facts

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I know how Valentine's Day got its name -- do you? Take our quiz about Valentine facts. read more

Valentine's Day Reconsidered

Valentine's Day Reconsidered(Broken) Hearts and Flowers read more