• General Science Printables
    Stop Junk Mail -- Letter to Parents
    Send this letter home to parents when doing the Stop Junk Mail project. ...
  • Kids
    Poison Safety
    Dispose of Hazardous Household Materials Properly
    Dispose of Hazardous Household Materials ProperlyBrought to FEN by National PTA® Containers that are partially full of hazardous materials (household cleaners, motor oil, paints, pesticides) should not be thrown in the trash or poured down the...
  • Mother reading book to her son
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    8 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day as a Family
    Explore the beauty of nature with your children and them teach them the importance of caring for our planet, with these simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Earth Day. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Kids
    Poison Safety
    Take An Inventory Of Hazardous Materials In Your Home
    Take An Inventory Of Hazardous Materials In Your HomeBrought to FEN by National PTA® This is a good activity to teach young children the dangers of hazardous and poisonous household items. Make sure that fertilizers, household cleaners, paints...
  • Family Life
    Raising Green Kids
    Raising "Green" Kids
    Raising "Green" KidsTeach Your Children About the Environment! There has been recent debate on the best way for parents and educators to teach children about the environment. Many people feel that the environmental information that children get ...
  • Family Life
    Raising Green Kids
    Living Green, Learning Green
    Living Green, Learning GreenWant to raise environmentally responsible kids in a world of heavy consumption? It isn't easy to get the message across that everything used, consumed, discarded, or thrown away has an environmental cost. For most kids...
    Dennis Randall
  • Meatless Mondays
    Meatless Mondays: Join the Movement with Healthier, Eco-Friendly Meals
    Adopting Meatless Mondays and going meatless just one day a week helps reduce your family's carbon footprint, expands your food repertoire, encourages you to try new things together, eat more greens, and brings everyone closer through the idea of...
    Cara J. Stevens
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