4 Outdoor Parents You Should Follow on Instagram

by: Laurie Mega
These four Instagram accounts make us want to grab the kids and get outside immediately.

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. After a crazy-long winter, it's time to get the kids unplugged and outside.

We've been getting some serious inspiration from some outdoor adventurers who take their kids, and their cameras, wherever they go.

Shannon Robertson

Shannon, aka rambleonwild, takes beautiful pictures of her family as they go hiking, rock climbing, swimming, and camping around their home in Eastern Sierra, CA. This family is out rambling year-round, having adventures that'll make you just a little bit jealous.

Seasalt and Evergreens

Beth posts dark, almost haunting images of her children exploring the forests and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Her photos document the beauty of simple play and discovery when kids explore the outdoors.

Ralph DeFelice

Ralph DeFelice calls himself an adventure dad, and he's not kidding! His Instagram feed is full of amazing images of his family hiking and snowboarding through the West.

The Ficeks

ForestnFolks are world travelers from the Oregon. They sum up their philosophy on kids and the outdoors in one perfect post: "Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves . . ."

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