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Doing Your Part: Recycling Paper

This activity gives children ideas on different ways they can help to save the environment.

Doing Your Part: Recycling Paper


The best place to start saving the earth is at your school. Schools spend billions of dollars a year on textbooks, paper, and other supplies. Here are some ways you can take a stand:

  1. Ask your teachers to use recycled paper only.

  2. Use both sides of your note paper and insist that copying is done on both sides too.

  3. Use recycled computer paper.

  4. Request that paper towels, toilet paper, and other disposable paper are unbleached.

  5. Write to textbook publishers and ask them to print on recycled paper.
  6. Design posters about your environmental concerns and what students can do about them. Place them around your school.

Note: Initiate a regular column in your school newspaper featuring a school wide or specific environmental problem, and ways it can be solved by students and teachers.

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