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  • Glass baby bottle with rubber nipple
    Environmental Awareness
    8 Everyday Alternatives to Help Your Family Go Plastic-Free
    You've likely heard about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates in plastics, but do you know the effects they can have on your family's health? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), BPA, found in many reusable water bottles, food contai...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Green Products
    6 Everyday Products with Hidden Toxins
    You know about eating organic foods, using only natural sunscreens, and avoiding certain cleaning products to avoid exposing your family to dangerous toxins and chemicals — but how much should you actually worry about your family's exposure? Ar...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Top 10 Earth Day Books for Children
    Earth Day
    Top 10 Earth Day Books for Children
    Celebrate Earth Day every day by reading some of these great children's books about Mother Earth, recycling, planting trees, and all things green! Fittingly, most of them are printed on recycled or eco-friendly paper. Looking for more? Use our...
  • family celebrates earth day by working in the garden
    Earth Day Activities and Crafts
    8 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day as a Family
    Explore the beauty of nature with your children and teach them the importance of caring for our planet with these simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Earth Day. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Green School Lunches Pinterest Graphic
    Back to School
    10 Tips for "Green" School Lunches
    The average school generates 20 tons of waste each year. Learn some easy, eco-friendly tips for packing waste-free or "greener" bag lunches for kids. ...
    Erin Dower
  • Earth Day Printables
    EPA Waste-Free School Lunch Poster
    Print out the EPA's "Waste-Free Lunch" poster. On Waste-Free Lunch Days, students, parents, and school staff try to eliminate packaged lunch items, use reusable containers, and recycle as much as they can. Go green and try it at your school!...
  • Family Life
    Global Warming
    The Greenhouse Effect Experiments
    The Greenhouse Effect ExperimentsWith all the talk about global warming these days, do you know how to explain the greenhouse effect to your kids? For a great example of this phenomenon, look no further than your own driveway! Did you know... Yo...
    Dennis Randall
  • Green Products
    12 Natural Cleaners for Your Home
    Looking for a safe, chemical-free way to make your home spotless? Check your cabinets! These everyday household items double as germ-busting superstars. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Family Life
    Global Warming
    Global Warming Quiz
    See how much you know about global warming and if you know what is making the Earth warmer. ...
    Liz Olson
  • Family Life
    Environmental Awareness
    Famous Environmentalists
    Take this quiz to see how much you know on famous environmentalists that helped shape the health of humans and the Earth. ...
    Chris Frantz
  • Activities to Go Green
    Entertainment and Activities
    Celebrate Earth Day: 8 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child to Go Green
    Going green can seem overwhelming but there are simple things you and your kids can do every day to save the environment. Here are eight easy ways to teach your child to go green. Collect Food for Composting That apple core from lunch? Grape ...
    Laura Richards
  • Family Life
    Environmental Awareness
    Environment Quiz
    Our environment is full of useful resources. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the Earth and the world's intake of natural resources. ...
    Beth Rowen
  • Thermostat
    Energy Efficiency
    10 Surefire Ways to Save Energy and Stay Warm This Winter
    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average American household will spend more than $1,600 on home utility bills in 2008. What's even more discouraging is that a large portion of that energy will be wasted. With a worsening economy an...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Open Window, Breeze
    Energy Efficiency
    Top 10 Summertime Energy Savers
    Are you looking for ways to cut down on your energy use this summer? These tips are effective ways to cut back, and most of them don't require a lot of time or effort on your part. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Family Life
    Going Green
    EarthSavers: Water Conservation Tips for Kids
    EarthSavers: Water Conservation Tips for KidsDid you know that every drop of water that runs down the drain ends up flowing into the sewage system? Sending clean water down the drain fills up the sewer and lets dirty water and waste overflow into...
    Ann Svensen
  • General Health Printables
    A Room-by-Room Guide to Greening Your Home
    This Room-by-Room Guide to Greening Your Home is packed with tips on preparing each room in your house to be more environmentally friendly. Due to the graphics in this PDF, it may take several minutes to download the file. ...
  • Vegetable Basket
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Vegetable Garden
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Vegetable Garden With produce prices spiraling ever higher, it's a great time to consider planting your own vegetable and herb garden. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, or even just a sunny deck, you can ...
    Nancy Witting
  • Family Life
    Family Gardening
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Ornamental Garden
    Landscaping with a Green Thumb: The Ornamental GardenGardening with your family can be fun, and it can be a great way to teach your kids about nature and the environment. If you'd like to see green plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees in your yard ...
    Nancy Witting