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    Saving Tips
    How to Shop Wisely for Products
    How to Shop Wisely for Products Is shopping around for products worth your time? You bet. And today it's easier than ever because of online reviews and price comparisons. Buying stuff breaks down into the three Rs: Read reviews, research prices,...
  • calculatingfinances
    Basic Rules for Financial Freedom: Make Wealth Happen
    Getting wealthy means being very honest with yourself and being willing to invest your time and efforts into the quest for greater prosperity. Many of the Rules are behavioral, and changing your behavior is never easy. Some Rules will seem stunni...
  • create a monthly budgeting document
    Creating an Income and Expense Tracking Document
    Creating an Income and Expense Tracking DocumentOkay, you've got all of your receipts. Now what do you do with them? Even if you use software such as Quicken by Intuit or Microsoft Money, you might find it helpful to keep a separate income and e...
  • Christmas Printables
    Holiday Grocery List
    Make sure you have everything for your holiday feast with our printable grocery list. ...
  • Thanksgiving Printables
    Printable Thanksgiving Grocery List
    Make sure you have everything you need to roast a turkey and prepare all the trimmings for the big feast on Thanksgiving Day with our printable grocery list. ...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Interactive Grocery List
    Check off, write in, and print off this interactive grocery list to make your supermarket shopping experience a bit more pleasant. If the kids are coming along, don't forget to print off our grocery games to keep them entertained! ...
  • Family Life
    When Your Teen Wants a Car
    When Your Teen Wants a Car There's a great probability that, sooner or later, your teenager is going to want to have his own car. The question is, will you agree to let him have one? Let's dispel the notion right up front that every teenager ne...
  • Indoor Games Printables
    Grocery Store Games
    Print off this booklet full of fun games and activities to entertain and educate kids while you run errands or grocery shop. ...
  • Gas Pumps
    Gas Prices
    What Are You Doing to Cope with High Gas Prices?
    Take a look at what some of our readers told us they are doing to cope with today's high gas prices. Parents like you share their solutions for pain at the pump -- everything from taking public transportation, to better planning, to rollerblading...
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    Supplies and Shopping
    Back-to-School Shopping: Top 10 Ways to Save
    With gas prices sky rocketing and the economy plummeting, it's no question that shopping for back-to-school can break your budget. We are here to help make things easier on you and your pocketbook. Find tips on how you can save money when shoppin...
    Julie Deaner
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    Car Payments
    Do You Really Need a Car?
    Do You Really Need a Car? The best thing about having a car at your disposal is the freedom it gives you. You can go wherever you want. Just pick a destination, hop in the car, and you're off. Other than that, there's really not that much about ...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Worksheet for Calculating Expenses
    This worksheet will help you keep track of your total expenses. ...
  • Parenting Tools Printables
    Assessing Your Net Worth Worksheet
    Gather up financial statements and learn the trick to figuring out your net worth. ...
  • General Health Printables
    Weekly Family Shopping List
    Use this handy reminder list to stock up on the ingredients you need to fix delicious and nutritious meals for your family. ...
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    Family Planning
    Can You Afford to Have Another Child? 8 Financial Questions to Consider
    Are you considering having another child, but are worried about the financial aspect of adding to your family? Raising a child is no doubt expensive, and while ultimately your decision might not be based on dollars and cents, it's still impo...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Car Payments
    Deciding on a Car: New or Used, Big or Small?
    Deciding on a Car: New or Used, Big or Small? Regardless of whether you decide to buy or lease a car, you need to consider the value of the car you're getting and what you can realistically afford. Sure, you might be able to borrow $20,000 or $2...
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    Car Payments
    Buying vs Leasing a Car
    Buying vs Leasing a Car Although it might not be necessary for everyone to own a car, facts are facts; most of us do. Owning a car means paying out a lot of money to get one, and then more money to keep it running. Cars are expensive. Even if yo...
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    The Cost of Utilities
    The Cost of Utilities Just when you think you've got your financial situation pretty well under control, you start getting these pesky little bills. Nothing too big—$30 here, $19 there. When you add them up, though, you've got some significant...