• 75 Activities to do at Home_Featured
    Entertainment and Activities
    75 Activities for Kids at Home
    Without packed schedules, school, sports, friends and clubs, filling our days with our kids at home can feel daunting. Read the list below so that you’ll be confident and prepared with these indoor activities for the next time you hear, “I’...
    Lauren Anderson
  • COVID Winter_Featured
    5 Activities for Kids During the COVID Pandemic
    COVID-19 is here with us for a bit longer. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still make this winter season a fun one. Parents are reporting their children’s screen time has increased by 60% with remote learning and the use of social media. It...
    Cynthia Thayer
  • Indoor Activities
    5 Quick Indoor Games for Kids
    Are you stuck inside today? Whether the weather is rainy, too hot, or too cold, we have you covered! One tip to combat cabin fever is to make sure the activities you choose have some way to get out the wiggles. Depending on the age and activity l...
  • Virtual Christmas_featured
    8 Virtual Christmas Activities to Do Throughout the Holiday Season
    The 2021 holiday season will certainly look different this year, as do so many other aspects of our lives due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that celebrating in-person with only the me...
    Lauren Anderson
  • Asurion_featured
    School and Learning
    6 Tips for Parents to Improve and Troubleshoot Remote Learning
    If you’re managing school-age kids in the house while also juggling working from home, then you’ve likely experienced some tech-related meltdowns. Maybe the Wi-Fi went out and everyone’s meetings froze. Or your child’s outdated laptop is ...
    Marvin Maldonado
  • Pandemic Family Podding_featured
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    Why & How to Form a Pandemic Pod
    When schools abruptly closed in our city on March 11 due to the first case of COVID-19, life with our four kids, including our twin high school seniors, was turned on its ear. With three teens and a seven-year-old, we knew that it would be challe...
    Laura Richards
  • 5 Easy STEM Activities
    Eureka! 5 Easy Ways to Grow Kids' STEM Skills at Home
    Science, technology, engineering, and math (the "STEM" subjects) are important areas of learning for any student. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 8.6 million STEM-related jobs in the United States, and that figure is climb...
    Ashley McCann
  • 20 educational YouTube channels for kids
    20 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids
    With many families homeschooling or taking part in some element of remote learning, more families than ever are taking advantage of educational YouTube channels for kids. For parents and guardians who are conscious of screen time, our list of 20 ...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • 8 Trick or Treat Alternatives for 2020
    8 Alternatives to Trick or Treating During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    October has arrived, and families have one of the most exciting holidays for kids to look forward to at the end of this month, Halloween! Yes, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, but that also means that families are in need of some n...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Creating a homeschool schedule for new homeschoolers
    How to Create a Homeschool Schedule That Works For Your Family
    Congratulations on your decision to homeschool! We are living through a very unique and challenging time in our lives as we make our way through a global pandemic, and following your gut to make the right decision for your children and your famil...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • Summer Reading for Kids, Girl reading book with mother on a bed
    Summer Learning
    10 Everyday Ways to Keep Your Child Reading While Having Fun
    Reading is one of the most important skills you should try to boost outside of school. Foster your child's bookworm habits with these simple activities and tips that make reading so fun, he'll fill up his book chart in no time. ...
    Erin Dower
  • How to talk to your kids about going back to school in Fall 2020
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    How to Talk to Your Kids About the Upcoming School Year
    This summer parents have been waiting anxiously for their school districts to release reopening plans. Afterall, until we know what school will look like, we can’t help our children get ready! It’s hard to plan when you don’t know what you ...
    Julie Mason
  • Trust your mom gut with pandemic school decisions
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    Trust Your Mom Gut to Make the Best Schooling Decision for Your Family
    Education is a hot topic these days as we face a new school year during a global pandemic. As moms, we have carried our families through all of the regular parental responsibilities in addition to the added emotional labor that has come with the ...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • 5 phrases you can say to anxious kids about going back to school Fall 2020
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    5 Phrases to Say to Your Anxious Child About Schools Reopening
    Back-to-school has never felt so fraught with emotion and uncertainty thanks to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. As parents, we feel the swing of sanity as it rests upon surges of fear, hope, and anxiety connected with the news and the re...
    Charise Rohm Nulsen
  • How to Create a Learning Space
    School and Learning
    How to Create a Learning Space for your Child
    Now that your kids are back in school, you may be wondering how to encourage creativity and learning not only in the classroom, but also at home. An at-home learning space is an incredible way to let your child play and explore the world around t...
    Julia Ries
  • 3 ways to stop summer slide during the pandemic
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    3 Ways to Stop Summer Slide During the Pandemic
    “Summer slide” isn’t just what your kids are begging you to add to the neighborhood pool. It refers to the loss of academic gains during the lazy days of summer where kids spend time outdoors, on vacations and sleeping in. While the break i...
    James Francis
  • Making the most of summer during COVID-19
    Coronavirus Resource Center
    How to Make the Most of the Summer During the Pandemic
    While times are challenging and the future remains uncertain, quarantine has helped all of us learn to make the most of the present moment. It’s given us the opportunity to step back and reflect on all the things that really matter, large or sm...
    A.S. Braverman
  • 5 fun and educational activities for summer
    Summer Crafts and Activities
    5 Fun and Educational Activities to Keep Kids Learning This Summer
    Editor's Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That's why we're dedicated to making your life easier with the latest and greatest parenting advice and products. We wanted to let you know that if you chose to purchase one of the items featured i...
    Cynthia Thayer